Yoro Department

Coordinates: 15°08′N 87°06′W / 15.133°N 87.100°W / 15.133; -87.100
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Yoro Department
Departamento de Yoro
Location of Yoro in Honduras
Location of Yoro in Honduras
Coordinates: 15°08′N 87°06′W / 15.133°N 87.100°W / 15.133; -87.100
Country Honduras
Founded28 June 1825[a]
Capital cityYoro
 • TypeDepartmental
 • GobernadorJuan Carlos Molina (2018-2022) (PNH)
 • Total7,787 km2 (3,007 sq mi)
 • Total587,375
 • Density75/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6 (CDT)
Postal code
ISO 3166 codeHN-YO
HDI (2017)0.602[1]
medium · 6th
Statistics derived from Consult INE online database: Population and Housing Census 2013[2]

Yoro is one of the 18 departments into which Honduras is divided. The department contains rich agricultural lands, concentrated mainly on the valley of the Aguan River and the Sula Valley, on opposite ends. The departmental capital is Yoro. The department covers a total surface area of 7,939 km² and, in 2005, had an estimated population of 503,886 people. It is famous for the Lluvia de Peces (rain of fishes), a tradition by which fish fall from the sky during very heavy rains.


  1. Arenal
  2. El Negrito
  3. El Progreso
  4. Jocón
  5. Morazán
  6. Olanchito
  7. Santa Rita
  8. Sulaco
  9. Victoria
  10. Yorito
  11. Yoro


At the time of the 2013 Honduras census, Yoro Department had a population of 570,595. Of these, 88.12% were Mestizo, 7.26% White, 3.79% Indigenous (2.92% Tolupan, 0.39% Chʼortiʼ, 0.28% Lenca, 0.09% Nahua), 0.71% Black or Afro-Honduran and 0.12% others.[3]


The department, historically, is known for harvesting mahogany and cedar trees for exportation. The area also had a cattle industry.[4]

Football players from Yoro[edit]

A number of football players are from the department.

Name Club City
Carlos Pavón Real España El Progreso
Milton Reyes Motagua Jocón
Sergio Mendoza Motagua Yoro
Johnny Leveron Motagua Yoro
Alfredo Mejía Real España El Negrito
Ever Alvarado Real España El Negrito
Juan C. Acevedo Real España El Progreso
Johnny Rivera Real España El Progreso
Leonardo Isaula Necaxa Yoro
Anthony Lozano Alcoyano Yoro
Wilfredo Bueso Valle Platense F.C. El Progreso


  1. ^ Yoro was one of the first 7 departments in which the national territory was divided in the first political division of Honduras in 1825.


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