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Genre Edutainment
Presented by TV Tokyo
Starring Morning Musume, Cute, Berryz Kobo
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 115
Location(s) Tokyo, Japan
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 7 minutes
Picture format NTSC (1080i)
Original release October 6, 2008 – March 27, 2009
Preceded by Berikyū
Followed by Bijo Hōdan
Related shows Haromoni@ Hello! Morning, Futarigoto, Musume Dokyu!

Yorosen! (よろセン!?) was a late-night daily Japanese edutainment TV program featuring Hello! Project members as teacher and students. It aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2008 until March 27, 2009 on weekdays, with a running time of about 7 minutes. This show was a replacement for the show "Berikyū".

Yorosen showcased the 3 main groups of Hello! Project: Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, and Cute. Each episode ended with a segment by Erina Mano.


The show's name was a shortening of "Yoroshiku, Sensei!" (よろしくセンセイ!?, roughly meaning "Pick Me, Teacher!"). Each week, one Hello! Project member would become the teacher to the other members of her group, often dressing in outfits related to the subject matter they were teaching. The subject matter ranged from world leaders to cute animals and everything in between. In Hello! Project TV tradition, shows relating to food often had the teacher or special student eating the food in question as the fellow members were forced to watch.


Week Teacher Students Subject
1 Reina Tanaka Morning Musume Prime Ministers
2 Koharu Kusumi Morning Musume Sumo
3 Ai Takahashi Morning Musume Edo Period
4 Eri Kamei Morning Musume Tuna
5 Risako Sugaya Berryz Kobo Fantasy
6 Saki Shimizu Berryz Kobou Yakiniku
7 Momoko Tsugunaga Berryz Kobo Appliances
8 Airi Suzuki Cute 'Golf
9 Saki Nakajima Cute "The greatest men in the world"
10 Yurina Kumai Berryz Kobou Fashion
11 Maimi Yajima Cute Side dishes
12 Erika Umeda Cute Christmas cooking
13 Risa Niigaki Morning Musume Coming of age
14 Aika Mitsui Morning Musume Pets
15 Linlin Morning Musume China
16 Kanna Arihara Cute (with Sayumi Michishige) Arts
17 Chisato Okai Cute (with Sayumi Michishige) Life lessons
18 Sayumi Michishige Morning Musume Railroads
19 Junjun Morning Musume National gourmet station-lunches
20 Miyabi Natsuyaki Berryz Kobou Games
21 Chinami Tokunaga Berryz Kobou Ecology
22 Maasa Sudo Berryz Kobou Table tennis
23 Mai Hagiwara Cute 6-month highlights

There was also a segment where Mai Hagiwara teaches English, but it was probably never aired. The segment appears in the Yorosen! DVD Vol. 07.


On December 4, 2008 an episode featuring Cute aired that caused controversy. The show featured a discussion of Adolf Hitler in a segment called "The world's great people!" in which Hitler was casually called "Uncle Hitler" by Cute's members, who were also seen to do imitations of him and draw pictures of him.[1] This forced both TV Tokyo and production company SSM to issue apologies. TV Tokyo issued a statement saying the show contained "Improper contents based on an insufficient knowledge of history." SSM issued a statement stating "The check system inside our company was lacking" and a "promise to be more careful in preventing a similar incident from happening again in the future." Soon after, it was announced that Yorosen! was to end, and that SSM would be ending their relationship with Hello! Project, believed to be over the "Hitler incident".[2]


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