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Not to be confused with his descendant Rabbi Dr. Yosef Babad (1905–1997), of the Hebrew Theological College.

Joseph ben Moses Babad (1801, Przeworsk – 1874, Ternopil) was a rabbi, posek and Talmudist, best known for his work, the Minchat Chinuch, a commentary on the Sefer Hachinuch.

Babad served as rabbi at Bohorodczany, Zbarizh, Sniatyn, and Tarnopol where in 1857 he was appointed as Av Beit Din, a position he held for the rest of his life.[1]

He studied under Chaim Halberstam, the Sanzer Rov, and enjoyed close relationships with the various Hasidic leaders of Galicia.

Rabbi Babad's first wife is not known; he later married the sister of Chaim Halberstam, and after her death he again remarried.


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