Yosef Elron

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Yosef Elron

Yosef Elron (Hebrew: יוסף אלרון, born 20 September 1955) is an Israeli judge who currently serves as a judge on the Supreme Court of Israel.

Early life and education[edit]

Elron was born in Haifa, the youngest of nine children born to Ovadia and Tzadika Elron, Iraqi Jewish immigrants to Israel originally from Mosul. After graduating from Erev Hadash high school in Haifa, he served in the Israel Defense Forces from 1973 to 1977. After being discharged in 1977 with the rank of Lieutenant, he moved to the United Kingdom. He worked in various positions in security organizations from 1977 to 1980, and studied law at the University of Buckingham. After graduating with an LLB in 1983, he returned to Israel, where he interned in a law firm and in the Haifa District Attorney's Office. He completed an MA in National Security Administration at the University of Haifa in 2001.[1]

Legal career[edit]

After being admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 1985, Elron opened a law office in Haifa and practiced law as an attorney dealing in criminal and civil law from 1985 to 1994. In 1994, he was appointed a judge on the Haifa Magistrate's Court, and in 2003 was appointed a judge on the Haifa District Court. In 2010, while continuing to serve on the Haifa District Court, he was appointed a judge on the Military Court of Appeals as part of his military reserve duty, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 2012, he was appointed Deputy President of the Haifa District Court, and the following year was appointed President. He also served as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association's Examination Committee.

In February 2017, he was appointed a judge on the Supreme Court.[2] He assumed the position on 30 October 2017.


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