Yoshida dormitory, Kyoto University

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Residents' bicycles line the dormitory's front entrance.

Coordinates: 35°01′21″N 135°46′48″E / 35.0224°N 135.7800°E / 35.0224; 135.7800

The Yoshida Dormitory (吉田寮, Yoshidaryō) is a student dormitory on the Yoshida Campus of Kyoto University. Built in 1913, it is the oldest student dormitory in Japan and remains in active use; its associated dining hall, built in 1889, is the oldest structure on any Kyoto University campus.[1][2]


The community agreed to create the dormitory with the student body taking administrative responsibility. The high student activism continued up until it met conflict with university authorities in 1971.[3][clarification needed]

In June 2009, Kyoto University authorities proposed a plan for the partial demolition of the old dormitory to increase on-campus living capacity. The proposal was controversial.[4][why?] In October 2009, an informal debate was held between university authorities and the community, leading to the demise or the proposal.[clarification needed][5]

Yoshida Dormitory Festival[edit]

The Yoshida Dormitory Festival is one of the largest of the many events at Kyoto University. It is held in May every year and is open to external participants.[6] Among its events are the Kamogawa Race, in which participants run from Sanzyō Big Bridge to Demachiyanagi via Kamo River, preceded by a costume party and river swim.[7]


The Yoshida dormitory consists of 120 Japanese-style rooms and has a kitchen, showers, bathrooms, laundry rooms, common rooms, and a vegetable garden.


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