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Yoshihiro is a Japanese masculine given name, and less commonly, a surname. There are dozens of different ways to write the name in kanji.[1]

Given name[edit]

Notable people with the given name Yoshihiro are listed below. Names are written below in Japanese (except for people for whom the kanji used to write their name are not known) with the family name first, followed by a space and the given name.

Daimyō and samurai[edit]

Note: people in this section have their names written with the surname first.



  • Yoshihiro Doi (土肥 義弘, born 1976), Japanese baseball pitcher (Nippon Professional Baseball)
  • Yoshihiro Ito (baseball) (伊藤 義弘, born 1982), Japanese baseball pitcher (Nippon Professional Baseball)
  • Yoshihiro Maru (丸 佳浩, born 1989), Japanese baseball player (Nippon Professional Baseball)
  • Yoshihiro Suzuki (鈴木 義広, born 1983) is a Japanese baseball pitcher (Nippon Professional Baseball)


Professional wrestling[edit]

  • Yoshihiro Asai (浅井 嘉浩, born 1966), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Yoshihiro Momota (百田 義浩, 1946–2000), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Yoshihiro Tajiri (田尻 義博, born 1970), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Yoshihiro Takayama (高山 善廣, 21st century), Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter



  • Yoshihiro Katayama (片山 善博, born 1951), Japanese politician, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (2010)
  • Yoshihiro Kawakami (川上 義博, born 1950), Japanese politician with the Democratic Party of Japan
  • Yoshihiro Kawano (河野 義博, born 1977), Japanese politician with Kōmeitō
  • Yoshihiro Murai (村井 嘉浩, born 1960), Japanese politician with the Liberal Democratic Party, governor of Miyagi Prefecture
  • Yoshihiro Seki (関 芳弘, born 1965), Japanese politician with the Liberal Democratic Party
  • Yoshihiro Tokugawa (徳川 義寛, 1906–1996), Japanese political figure

Visual arts[edit]


  • Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama (born 1952), American philosopher, political economist, and author
  • Yoshihiro Hattori (服部 剛丈, 1975–1992), Japanese exchange student who was killed in the United States
  • Yoshihiro Kawaoka (河岡 義裕, born 1955), Japanese virologist, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Tokyo
  • Yoshihiro Narisawa (成澤 由浩, born 1969), Japanese chef
  • Yoshihiro Tsurumi (霍見 芳浩, born 1935), Japanese economist, professor of international business at Baruch College of the City University of New York
  • Yoshihiro Yasuda (安田 好弘, born 1948), Japanese lawyer and anti-death penalty activist
  • Yoshihiro Yonezawa (米澤 嘉博, 1953–2006), Japanese manga critic



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