Yoshimichi Hara

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Yoshimichi Hara

Yoshimichi Hara (原嘉道) (February 18, 1867 – August 7, 1944) was a Japanese statesman and the president of the Japanese privy council during World War II,[1] from June 1940 until his death. Hara was always reluctant to use military force. In particular, he protested against the outbreak of the Pacific war at Gozen Kaigi. Although Hara was president of the privy council, he had very little political control, since almost all political power was concentrated in war cabinets.

After his death, Hara was decorated with the posthumous title of Imperial Baron (男爵 danshaku?). He was the last commoner to become part of the Japanese aristocracy.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Fumimaro Konoe
President of the Privy Council
Succeeded by
Kantarō Suzuki
Preceded by
Kentarō Arai
Vice-President of the Privy Council
Preceded by
Tasaku Egi
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Chifuyu Watanabe
Academic offices
Preceded by
Genji Baba
Principal of Chuo University
Succeeded by
Raizaburo Hayashi