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Yoshio Machida (町田 良夫?, Yoshio Machida, born 1967 in Japan) is an experimental musician, a steelpanist, composer, and visual artist.


A member of ASCAP, Machida studied minimal art, music and film at the Tama Art University under Kuniharu Akiyama, Yoshiaki Touno, Sakumi Hagiwara and Kishio Suga. In the 1990s, Machida worked for an international cooperation in Asia and Africa.

Machida's first album Hypernatural (1999) had been featured with Brian Eno and Oval (band) on David Toop's article about Generative music. In 2001, Machida started to play improvised music by Steelpan with computer program Max/MSP. Machida has been invited to perform in ISEA2004, Sónar Tokyo, MaerzMusik and other venues. In 2004, Machida founded an experimental music label Amorfon. In 2007, Machida formed an electric Dub band miimo with tatsu and Norihide Saji. Machida also organized "Japan-Macedonia exchange art exhibition" and some workshops for children.[1]

As a visual artist, Machida has produced Photobatik like Photogram technique using photographic paper. Photograms are produced by partial exposure and development of the entire photosensitive surface. Photobatik is "whole exposure and partial development." Machida has expanded his technique to overexposure of the photographic paper followed by only fixing the image, resulting in a pink image.


Solo albums

  • CD : Steelpan Improvisations:2001-2008 (self-release, 2009)
  • CD : Hypernatural #3 (Baskaru, France, 2008)
  • CD : Naada" (Amorfon, Japan, 2006)
  • CD : Infinite Flowers (Amorfon, Japan, 2004)
  • CD : Hypernatural #2 (Softl Music, Germany, 2001)
  • CD : Hypernatural (Japan, 1999)
  • FD : AMORPHOUS (Koan Pieces with Koan software by SSEYO Ltd., 1999)

Group albums

  • CD : miimo miimo 2 (self-release, 2009)
  • CDR : miimo miimo (self-release, 2007)


  • CD+DVD : V.A. SILENT ROOM FAKTORY BOX 01 | skoltz_kolgen (SK Factory, Canada, 2007)
  • CD : V.A. Yasujirō Ozu - Hitokomakura (and/OAR, USA, 2007)
  • CD : V.A. Resonance: Steel Pan in the 21st Century (Quiet Design, USA, 2007)
  • CD : V.A. water music (commune disc, Japan, 2006)
  • CD : V.A. seeds of dub (mao, Japan, 2004)
  • CD : V.A *Music for Baby! (Amorfon, Japan, 2004)
  • CD : V.A lib. (cubicfabric, Japan, 2003)
  • CD : V.A Kraakgeluiden (unsounds, The Netherlands, 2003)
  • CD : V.A Japanese Avant Garde (sub rosa, Belgium, 2002)
  • CD : V.A (Improvised Music from Japan, Japan, 2002)

Notable concerts / exhibitions[edit]

  • Organization of "the park -Contemporary Artists in Asia 2008-" (Yokohama, 2008)
  • MaerzMusik (Berlin, 2006)[citation needed]
  • Musical workshop at Sava Zebeljan School (Crepaja, Serbia, 2006)[citation needed]
  • Lecture at Polytechnic Academy (Berglade, Serbia, 2006)[citation needed]
  • Musical workshop for children at Minamisuna elementary school/ASIAS (Tokyo, 2005)[citation needed]
  • Soundtrack for French TV spot (Visual, 2005)[citation needed]
  • Organization of Japan-Macedonia Exchange Exhibition (Macedonia and Japan, 2004)[citation needed]
  • ISEA2004 (Finland, 2004)[citation needed]
  • Cooperation to "Ecoute (Listen)" at Pompidou Center (Paris, 2004)[citation needed]
  • "Dark Symphony" at Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria, 2003)[citation needed]
  • "Sónar Tokyo" live & lecture (Tokyo, 2002)[citation needed]
  • Solo exhibition at Izba (Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 2002)[citation needed]
  • Solo exhibition at Pepper's Loft Gallery (Tokyo, 2002)[citation needed]


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