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Yoshirō Kataoka (片岡 義朗, Kataoka Yoshirō, born April 8, 1945 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan), also known by the nickname Hagera, is an anime producer and production designer.[1] He has worked for the Tōkyū Agency, Asatsu DK, and NAS, and he currently works as a full-time advisor at Marvelous Entertainment. His proactive approach to planning anime when he worked at advertising firms has made him a front runner in his field.[1]

Since 2000, Kataoka has worked on the Friday shōjo anime on TV Tokyo, including shows such as Hime-chan's Ribbon. In addition to being an anime producer, Kataoka produces anime musicals. He is also one of the founders of the Animax satellite channel and Aniraji,[1] a radio program devoted to anime, manga, games and light novels.



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