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Yoshitomo Tokugawa (徳川 慶朝, Tokugawa Yoshitomo, February 1, 1950 – September 25, 2017)[1] was the 4th-generation head of the Tokugawa Yoshinobu-ke, the branch of the Tokugawa line started by the last Shōgun Tokugawa Yoshinobu.


Born in Sena, in Shizuoka Prefecture, he went to school in Tokyo, later engaging in a career in photography[2] (incidentally, the hobby of his great-grandfather) and graphic design with Honda. Later a freelance author, he spent his time writing about the history of his family after the Meiji Restoration. He also sold coffee under the brand name Tokugawa Shōgun Kōhī.

Through his mother's side of the family, Yoshitomo is also a descendant of Matsudaira Katamori.[citation needed]


Yoshitomo died on September 25, 2017 in a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture at the age of 67.

Principal works[edit]

  • Tokugawa Yoshinobu-ke ni Youkoso. Tokyo: Bungei-shunju, 2003.
  • Tokugawa Yoshinobu-ke no Shokutaku. Tokyo: Bungei-shunju, 2005.


Patrilineal descent[edit]


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