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YOTEL logo.png
Yotel Room - NYC (5927192821).jpg
Interior of a YOTEL room
Product type Hotel
Owner YO! Company
Introduced 2007
Related brands IFA Hotels and Resorts, Capsule hotels
Markets Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Singapore and United States
Website www.yotel.com

YOTEL is a hotel chain and part of the YO! Company. It was founded by Simon Woodroffe and former company CEO Gerard Greene.[1]

The company largely operates in airports, including London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Paris Charles De Gaulle and Schiphol. Additional locations include a hotel in Hell's Kitchen near Times Square in New York City and another in Seaport, South Boston. More recently the global hotel chain announced new hotels in Orchard Road, Singapore [2], San Francisco[3] and Amsterdam[4].


In 2002, Simon Woodroffe, Chairman and Founder of YO! Company,[5] drew inspiration from Japanese capsule hotels he discovered on his travels and, infused with a sense of compact luxury from the British Airways first class lounge, the YOTEL concept was born.

The first YOTEL was opened in 2007 at London Gatwick, closely followed by one at Heathrow airport,[6] with 46 and 32 'cabins', as they are named, at each, respectively.[7] In 2009, YOTEL opened a branch at Amsterdam Schiphol airport[8] and the company won the Business Accommodation of the Year award at the Business Travel World Awards.[1][9][10]

On 13 June 2011, YOTEL opened[5][9] a New York City Times Square branch at 570 10th Ave, [11] as a part of the $300 Million MiMA complex[12] which includes residential units. Rockwell Group and Softroom designed the 669 rooms[13][14] sized at 16 square metres (170 sq ft) each.[15] YOTEL New York has a multi-bar 4,000 square feet (370 m2) balcony, Terrace.[16]

In April 2014, YOTEL New York opened East & West, a new dining and lounge concept from China Grill Management with a menu created to pay homage to eastern and western cuisines [17] to replace the former sumo wrestling-themed restaurant, Dohyo[18] as run by Richard Sandoval. As of 2015, YOTEL announced plans to expand to Boston, Dubai, Singapore (Orchard Road and Changi Airport), Paris (Charles De Gaulle), Miami, San Francisco, and Williamsburg Brooklyn. [19]


Central to the YOTEL concept is technological innovation. Every hotel has an electronic check-in system [20] convertible double beds, and a control panel for lights and air conditioning. In YOTEL New York, rooms are soundproofed, and occupation sensors control lighting and air conditioning.[21] The New York hotel is also home to the YOBOT, a robotic luggage concierge that has become a tourist attraction in itself. [22]

MiMA building in New York City


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