You'll Be Mine (Beatles song)

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"You'll Be Mine"
Song by the Beatles (then known as the Quarrymen)
from the album Anthology 1
Released20 November 1995
RecordedSpring/summer 1960[1]
GenreRhythm and blues, experimental

"You'll Be Mine" is a short song, composed by Lennon–McCartney in the Beatles' early years, then known as the Quarrymen.[1] It was a humorous parody of the Ink Spots.[1] It consists of Paul McCartney singing in a deep baritone, offset with shrill falsetto backing vocals by John Lennon, and guitar strumming. The lead vocal sings, in rather confused lyrics, about his determination of making a woman his; while the falsettos wail the last word of each sentence. About halfway through the song, Lennon gives a mock-bass voice spoken interlude about how, when the woman brought him toast one morning, he looked into her eyes and saw a "National Health Eyeball", then proceeded to love her like he has never done before.[1] The song rises to a crescendo of wailing and bellowing, then fades out in laughter. To add to the confusion, the song is very difficult to understand; clicks, buzzes, fuzz, giggling, and the baritone voice obscure the lyrics.

Recorded in the McCartney family bathroom in 1960, it is the earliest song attributed to the Lennon–McCartney songwriting partnership to be officially released.[2] Along with the other songs recorded on that day, it is one of the few known Beatles recordings to feature Stuart Sutcliffe on bass.[1]


Personnel per Mark Lewisohn[1]


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