You'll Get Over It

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You'll Get Over It
Theatrical release poster (France)
Directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve
Produced by Hervé Chabalier
Claude Chelli
Christophe Chevallier
Written by Vincent Molina
Starring Julien Baumgartner
Jérémie Elkaïm
Julia Maraval
François Comar
Bernard Blancan
Cinematography Stephan Massis
Edited by Jean-Pierre Bloc
Release date
  • March 13, 2002 (2002-03-13)
Running time
90 minutes
Country France France
Language French

You'll Get Over It (French: À cause d'un garçon) is a gay-themed coming of age film released in 2002. The literal translation of the French title is Because of a Boy.


Vincent (Baumgartner) is a shy boy who is on the swim team and is also a good student with his girlfriend Noémie (Maraval) and a best friend, Stéphane (Comar), life in school can't be better for him. But then, he suddenly starts to have encounters with the new boy, Bejamin (Elkaïm). They have a private meeting and then some boys write on a wall "Molina is a fag". Vincent starts getting bullied at high school, changing his life and his relationships with family and friends in ways he will have to accept.


Theatrical release poster (USA)

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