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You're My Pet
Promotion poster for You're My Pet
Revised RomanizationNeoneun Pet
McCune–ReischauerNŏ-nŭn P‘et
Directed byKim Byeong-kon
Based onKimi wa Petto
by Yayoi Ogawa
StarringKim Ha-neul
Jang Keun-suk
Distributed byLotte Entertainment
Toho (Japan)
Release date
  • 10 November 2011 (2011-11-10)
Running time
110 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$7,039,663[1]

You're My Pet (Hangul너는 펫; RRNeoneun Pet) is a 2011 South Korean romantic comedy film based on the manga of the same name, You're My Pet by Yayoi Ogawa. It co-stars Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun-suk[2] and directed by Kim Byeong-kon.[3] It is released on 10 November 2011 by Lotte and ran at 110 minutes.[4]



The film centers around a young and ambitious woman named Ji Eun-Yi (Kim Ha-neul) and her human pet (Jang Keun-suk).

After her fiancé leaves her for his mistress and Ji Eun-Yi is demoted at work, she stumbles across a young injured homeless man in a box outside her condominium. She takes him in and becomes attached to him. As a joke, she says she wants to keep him as a pet, and to her surprise, the young man agrees. She names him Momo, after her beloved dog from her childhood. Ji Eun-Yi provides room and board, and Momo provides unconditional love and loyalty. Momo, whose name is Kang In-Ho, is a dance child prodigy who gradually brings happiness to his master's life.

Despite his growing affection for her, Ji Eun-Yi says there is no romance of any sort in their relationship. However, sexual tension gradually arises as the two spend more time together. But not only does Ji Eun-Yi struggle with her feelings for the young guy, she also needs to keep him a secret from her co-workers, especially her former college classmate and new romantic interest Woo-seong.


In Korea, the film sold 209,318 tickets in the first five days,[5] ranked fourth and grossed ₩1.8 billion in its first week of release[6] and grossed a total closed to ₩3.8 billion after four weeks of screening.[7]

In Japan, the film was released on 21 January 2012 by Toho. It ranked fifth and grossed ¥68 million in its first week of release[8] and grossed a total of ¥281 million after three weeks on 92 screens.[9]


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