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"You're Welcome"
Single by The Beach Boys
A-side "Heroes and Villains"
Released July 24, 1967 (1967-07-24)
Format 7" vinyl
Recorded December 15, 1966 (1966-12-15), CBS Columbia Square, Hollywood
Length 1:07
Label Brother/Capitol
Songwriter(s) Brian Wilson
Producer(s) The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys singles chronology
"Then I Kissed Her"
"You're Welcome"
"Gettin' Hungry"

"Then I Kissed Her"
"Heroes and Villains"
"Gettin' Hungry"

"You're Welcome" is a song written by Brian Wilson for American rock band the Beach Boys. It was released on July 24, 1967 as the B-side of the "Heroes and Villains" single.[1] It later appeared as a bonus track on the compilations Smiley Smile/Wild Honey (1990) and The Smile Sessions (2011).

The Italian cover of the song


Writer Bill Tobelman argues that the inspiration for "You're Welcome" may have derived from Brian Wilson's attempt to turn his band mate Al Jardine onto LSD while giving him a car ride, which was followed by Wilson circling the car around multiple times until he finally let Jardine go.[2]

The song is a mostly-a cappella chant, with the repeating phrase of "Well / you're well / you're welcome to come". In mid 1967, Mike Love said of the piece "[It's] incredible. The title is 'You’re Welcome'. No other lyrics. I don’t know how Brian did it, but there’s no accompaniment. [sic] 'Heroes and Villains' is going to be released as the first single on our new label, Brother Records…We are finishing it [the album] now."[3] Its "extraordinary long fade-in" gives the impression of development which is absent from the similar "Whistle In", writes Daniel Harrison.[4]


"You're Welcome" was recorded on December 15, 1966 at CBS Columbia Square. Other songs worked on during that date were "Cabinessence", "Wonderful", and "Surf's Up". Some portions of the session were filmed by David Oppenheim.[5]


The Beach Boys
Additional staff


In popular culture[edit]

New York-based power pop combo the Cheepskates recorded a response to "You're Welcome" entitled "Thank You" for their 1988 album It Wings Above.[6]


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