You're the Only One (album)

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You're the Only One
FayeWong You'reTheOnlyOne.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 1990
Faye Wong chronology
You're the Only One
Coming Home

You're the Only One (no Cantonese title) is a 1990 Cantonese album recorded by Chinese Cantopop singer Faye Wong as 王靖雯 Wong Ching Man, when she was based in Hong Kong.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. 美麗的震盪 (Mei Lai Dik Zan Dong) - Beautiful Vibration
  2. 又繼續等 (Jau Gai Zuk Dang) - Still Waiting
  3. 然後某天 (Jin Hau Mau Tin) - And Then one Day
  4. 悶人咖啡 (Mun Jan Gaa Fe) - Boring Coffee
  5. 無原因 (Mou Jyun Jan) - No Reason
  6. 多得他 (Do Dak Taa) - Because Of Him (ATV Version: Your Intima-Norman Cheung)
  7. 只有你 (Zi Jau Nei) - Only You
  8. 靜夜的單簧管 (Zing Je Dik Daan Wong Gun) - Clarinet In A Quiet Night
  9. 明年今夜 (Ming Nin Gam Je) - Next Year Tonight
  10. 不裝飾 ( Bat Zong Sik) - No Decorations


  1. ^ Stan Jeffries Encyclopedia of world pop music, 1980-2001 -2003 p224 "Within a year she released two other albums, Everything (June 1990) and You 're the Only One (December 1990), ... to Hong Kong in 1992, she was contractually obliged to make another album with Cinepoly before attending university."