You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine

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You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine
Cold chisel you're 13.jpg
EP (Live) by Cold Chisel
Released 20 November 1978
Recorded 4 October 1978[1]
Genre Pub rock
Label Elektra
Producer Keith Walker
Cold Chisel chronology
Cold Chisel
You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine
Breakfast at Sweethearts
As seen on the back cover of the album, Ian Moss (left) and Jim Barnes (right) are photographed in a toilet, with a flatmate of Barnes' then girlfriend posed topless.

You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine is a live EP by Australian pub rock band Cold Chisel, recorded at the Regent Theatre in Sydney in October 1978, and released in November. After a long period of unavailability, the EP was re-released as a bonus disc with the second pressing of the 1991 compilation album Chisel. The EP was later made available digitally, as well as reissued on disc in 2011.

The title is a parody of the song "You're Sixteen" by the Sherman Brothers, which was popularized in 1960 by Johnny Burnette and in 1973 Ringo Starr. Barnes later said, "At this stage we were listening to Jerry Lee Lewis and somebody suggested we call the EP 'You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're Mine' after the Jerry Lee Lewis song. I thought because Jerry Lee married his 13-year-old cousin...."[2] (Note 'You're Sixteen' was not, however, by Lewis). Walker later said the title was "dreamed up at a drunken recording session, and obviously ten thousand other people thought it was funny too."[3]

The front and back cover of the album feature some female nudity, courtesy of a flatmate of Barnes' then girlfriend. Barnes describes it as, "the best photo shoot we ever did."[2] This is the only Cold Chisel album to date which features nudity as part of the cover art. Photographer Greg Noakes said, "the band said they knew of a great toilet for the shoot."[4]

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Don Walker except "Wild Thing" Chip Taylor

Side one

  1. "One Long Day"
  2. "Home and Broken Hearted"

Side two

  1. "Merry-Go-Round"
  2. "Mona and the Preacher"
  3. "Wild Thing"



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