You're in the Army Now

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This article is about the 1941 film. For the 1980s song, see In the Army Now (song). For 1917 song, see You're in the Army Now (song).
You're in the Army Now
You're in the Army Now FilmPoster.jpeg
Promotional Movie Poster 1941
Directed by Lewis Seiler
Produced by Benjamin Stoloff (associate producer)
Written by George Bentley and
Paul Girard Smith
(story and screenplay)
Starring Jimmy Durante
Phil Silvers
Jane Wyman
Regis Toomey
Music by Howard Jackson
Cinematography Arthur L. Todd
Edited by Frank Magee
Release date
December 25, 1941 (United States)
Running time
79 minutes
Country United States
Language English

You're in the Army Now is a 1941 comedy film starring Jimmy Durante, Phil Silvers, Jane Wyman, and Regis Toomey.

It featured the longest kiss in film (lasting three minutes and five seconds), between Toomey and Wyman,[1] until 1988.[2]


Characters Actors
Homer 'Jeeper' Smith Jimmy Durante
Breezy Jones Phil Silvers
Bliss Dobson Jane Wyman
Capt. Joe Radcliffe Regis Toomey
Colonel Dobson Donald MacBride
Sgt. Madden Joe Sawyer
Brig. Gen. Damon P. Winthrop Clarence Kolb
Gen. Philpot Paul Harvey
Capt. Austin George Meeker
Lt. Col Rogers Paul Stanton
Sgt. Thorpe William Haade
Army doctor John Maxwell
Della Etta McDaniel

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