You, Me, and Everyone We Know

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You, Me, and Everyone We Know
Also known as YM&EWK, YMAEWK
Origin Washington, D.C., U.S.
Genres Emo, indie rock, pop punk, power pop
Years active 2006-2017
Labels Doghouse Records/Top Shelf Records
South by Sea
Members Ben Liebsch
Trevor Simpson
Ben Roth
Kory Gable
Blain Herman
Joe Fuscia
Past members Augustine Rampolla
Mike Ghazarian
Kyle Gibson
John Farrell
Dan Lee
Paul Martinez
Ryan Sherrill
Mike O'Rourke
Aaron Stern
Noel Milford

You, Me, and Everyone We Know is a rock band from Washington, D.C.,[1] fronted by singer-songwriter Ben Liebsch. The band has released five EPs and one full-length album.

Its debut EP Party for the Grown and Sexy was released in 2006, followed by So Young, So Insane, was released on November 18, 2008. Some Things Don't Wash Out, the band's full-length debut, came out in October 2010.[2]

In early 2011, five members announced their departure from the band, citing the actions of singer Ben Liebsch as "irreparable." [3] Despite the split, the band released "Things Are Really Weird Right Now" on May 3,[4] their final work together.

Liebsch announced in Summer 2012 that he was recording songs as a solo act for a new EP, which would eventually become "A Great Big Hole," released digitally on November 27, 2012[5] via the band's Bandcamp.


The band formed in 2006 consisting of lead singer Ben Liebsch, guitarists Ryan Sherrill and Noel Milford, bassist Dan Lee, and drummer Paul Martinez. Before You, Me, and Everyone We Know, Martinez and Sherrill were in a well-known D.C. band. That same year, You, Me, and Everyone We Know recorded their debut EP, Party for the Grown and Sexy with Trevor Simpson. The album received mostly positive reviews, with The Daily Chorus calling the work "a beacon that proves there are still bands that really enjoy the music they create" and gave the album an 8/10. Die Shellsuit, Die! gave the album a 9/10 and called the band "one of the funniest, most cheery, cheekily upbeat, smile inducing, rock-out-tastic fun poppy melodic pop-punk bands out there right now. Ever."[6][7]

After releasing their debut EP, You, Me, and Everyone We Know was noticed by Drive-Thru Records' co-founders Richard Reines and Stefanie Reines, who offered to manage the band. While supporting the record, the band toured with acts including I Am the Avalanche, Piebald, Phantom Planet, Four Year Strong, and Plane and Pilot.[8][9] However, in 2007, Dan Lee was replaced by bassist Mike O'Rourke, formerly of The Alpha Couple.[10]

You, Me, and Everyone We Know toured with The Color Fred, The Pink Spiders, and Paper Rival beginning October 26, 2007. Before the tour, they announced that work was beginning on recording a full-length album.[11] In January 2008, Rico Vigil joined the band to play keyboard. Also in January, the band confirmed an upcoming full-length album.[12] The band recorded two extra tracks, "Livin' th' Dream" and "Dirty Laundry", again with Trevor Simpson and, on January 28, 2008, re-released Party for the Grown and Sexy along with new artwork. The new version was made available online to download for free.[13]

In late April 2008, You, Me, And Everyone We Know toured with Socratic and Say No More on the Drive-Thru Records Small Fries Tour.[14] Then, in June, the band toured with Just Surrender, Every Avenue, and The Morning Light.[15] After the tour, it was announced that drummer Aaron Stern, formerly of Matchbook Romance,[16] had replaced Paul Martinez. Before Stern joined, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, without a drummer, was forced to play a few acoustic sets before finding guest drummers to fill in (including Steve Miller of Just Surrender).[17] Shortly thereafter, the band played two dates of Warped Tour 2008, July 1 and 2.[18] They began a tour with The Dear Hunter, Lydia, and Eye Alaska in August 2008.[19] Before a week was up, the band's van ignited and much of their possessions were destroyed. However, their instruments survived and You, Me, and Everyone We Know continued the tour.[20]

Prior to a tour with Sing it Loud and Take Cover (during September and October 2008), the band announced their upcoming, sophomore EP So Young, So Insane in September 2008. You, Me, and Everyone We Know stated that it will be released November 18, 2008, and that the band will work with Joshua Cain of Motion City Soundtrack and Jordan Schmidt to record the album. The band also announced a nationwide tour with Karate High School and I Set My Friends On Fire during November and December 2008.[21][22][23] Before the tour started, Liebsch announced that O'Rourke and Sherrill left the band before recording So Young, So Insane.[24]

They toured with Forgive Durden, and Anarbor from May 5, 2009 through June 6, 2009 playing 28 shows in 33 days covering 18 states, from Pennsylvania through Washington State. Joining the band was Augustine Rampolla, a young talented guitar player and singer/songwriter from Reisterstown, Maryland. The tour with Forgive Durden and Anarbor was filled with many high energy performances in which the members of YMEWK brought their high energy to bear on the performances of their touring partners, including Ben lending his vocal abilities on Forgive Durden's Razia's Shadow performance. The tour culminated in Seattle with a spectacular high energy performance by all three bands at the highly popular Chop Suey music venue.

The band continued to tour throughout the Midwest and back toward their home state on the East coast with Asteria and Take Cover.

In November 2009, You, Me and Everyone We Know streamed two of their recording sessions via where viewers could hear new material the band was working on, possibly for the long-awaited full-length album. At a show in December at Mojoes Rock House they performed a new song that was heard during the streams.

In 2010, the band went on "The Avatour" with Breathe Electric, We are the In Crowd, and Stay. In October 2010, the first album, Some Things Don't Wash Out was released.[2] The band was scheduled to tour with Hellogoodbye, Now Now Every Children, and Gold Motel in 2011.

2011 in a tour with We Are the In Crowd, The Downtown Fiction, Allstar Weekend as well as headlining band The Ready Set in the Glamour Kills Tour.

April 20, 2011 was the day it was revealed on the band's Facebook page that the band went on an infinite hiatus. 5 members (Farrell, Rampolla, Vigil, Ghazarian & Gibson) left, leaving the one singer (Liebsch) alone in the band. Soon after, Liebsch wrote a batch of paragraphs explaining how he's sorry and everything from the break up. He included that he had an alcohol problem. He'd steal money (not much in the beginning) from the band's funds to buy drinks. Then another member on the band's official Tumblr announced that Liebsch did not have a drinking problem and he stole money for other things. Despite the ex-members' statements, most fans and other touring bands had noted Liebsch's drinking as more than just social. Liebsch has stated to be sober since the exodus of the other members.

On May 7, 2013 You, Me, and Everyone We Know released "I Wish More People Gave A Shit." Liebsch also took the act acoustic and did a national tour with Squid the Whale and The Orphan, The Poet through June 2013.

In May 2014, Ben Liebsh played the Slam Dunk Festival as YMAEWK acoustic at all three locations of Leeds, Hatfield, and Wolverhampton.

On December 16, 2014, Ben Liebsch announced the band, which had done a few full band shows in the fall, has been signed to the label South by Sea and will release a 6-song EP, "Dogged" on March 17, 2015.

On December 20, 2014, YMAEWK released a three-song Christmas EP "A Very Mutty Christmas" featuring a previously released original song "We've Got Digging Out to Do" along with two covers ("Christmas All Over Again" and "Merry Christmas Baby").[25]

On January 20, 2015 it was announced that YMAEWK is going on a full national tour with Have Mercy, Weatherbox, and Head North in March of that year.

On March 10th, 2016 Ben Liebsch posted on Tumblr that the band was playing 2 final shows. One in Philadelphia and one in Chicago.


You, Me, and Everyone We Know's music falls under the rock and pop genres. The band's influences include Joe Cocker, Andrew W.K., and Schuylar Croom, lead vocalist of the band He Is Legend. They have also been compared to others such as The Format, fun. and Panic! at the Disco.[1][8] Of the band's lyrics and music, Liebsch has said, "A lot of the stuff is a mix of what sits in the back of your head", and, "Most of the songs are more cautionary tales than anything else. In the end we're trying to write exciting music that's catchy and throws you for a loop at the same time."[8]


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