You, Me, and Everyone We Know

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You, Me, and Everyone We Know
Also known as YM&EWK, YMAEWK
Origin Washington, D.C., U.S.
Genres Emo, indie rock, pop punk, power pop
Years active 2006-2017
Labels Doghouse Records/Top Shelf Records
South by Sea
Members Ben Liebsch
Trevor Simpson
Ben Roth
Kory Gable
Blain Herman
Joe Fuscia
Past members Augustine Rampolla
Mike Ghazarian
Kyle Gibson
John Farrell
Dan Lee
Paul Martinez
Ryan Sherrill
Mike O'Rourke
Aaron Stern
Noel Milford

You, Me, and Everyone We Know is a rock band from Washington, D.C.,[1] fronted by singer-songwriter Ben Liebsch. The band has released five EPs and one full-length album.


The band formed in 2006 consisting of lead singer Ben Liebsch, guitarists Ryan Sherrill and Noel Milford, bassist Dan Lee, and drummer Paul Martinez. You, Me, and Everyone We Know recorded their debut EP, Party for the Grown and Sexy with Trevor Simpson. The album received mostly positive reviews, with The Daily Chorus calling the work "a beacon that proves there are still bands that really enjoy the music they create" and gave the album an 8/10. Die Shellsuit, Die! gave the album a 9/10 and called the band "one of the funniest, most cheery, cheekily upbeat, smile inducing, rock-out-tastic fun poppy melodic pop-punk bands out there right now. Ever."[2][3]

After releasing their debut EP, You, Me, and Everyone We Know was noticed by Richard Reines and Stefanie Reines, who offered to manage the band. While supporting the record, the band toured with other acts .[4][5] However, in 2007, Dan Lee was replaced by bassist Mike O'Rourke.[6]

You, Me, and Everyone We Know toured again beginning October 26, 2007. In January 2008, Rico Vigil joined the band to play keyboard.

In late April 2008, You, Me, And Everyone We Know toured on the Drive-Thru Records Small Fries Tour.[7] Then, in June, the band toured some more.[8] After the tour, it was announced that drummer Aaron Stern, formerly of Matchbook Romance,[9] had replaced Paul Martinez. Before Stern joined, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, without a drummer, was forced to play a few acoustic sets before finding guest drummers to fill in (including Steve Miller ).[10] Shortly thereafter, the band played two dates of Warped Tour 2008, July 1 and 2.[11]


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