You, Me & Marley

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You, Me & Marley
Directed by Richard Spence
Produced by Chris Parr
Written by Graham Reid
Starring Marc O'Shea
Bronagh Gallagher
Michael Liebmann
Michael Gregory
Running time
84 min.
Country Northern Ireland
Language English

You, Me & Marley is a BBC2 television drama starring Marc O'Shea, Bronagh Gallagher, Michael Liebmann, and Michael Gregory. It was first screened in the Screenplay series on 30 September 1992.

Directed by Richard Spence and produced by Chris Parr, the screenplay was written by Graham Reid.


Filmed in Hattersley and Sholver, Oldham, Greater Manchester but set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during 'The Troubles,' You, Me & Marley centres around the lives of five Belfast friends as they go about stealing cars and joyriding much to the distaste of the rest of the community.


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