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YouOS logo
Developer(s) YouOS Team
Stable release 0.11
Development status Deprecated[1]
Type Web application
License Closed source
Website Official YouOS Website

YouOS was a web desktop and web integrated development environment, developed by WebShaka until June 2008.

YouOS replicated the desktop environment of a modern operating system on a webpage, using JavaScript to communicate with the remote server. This allows users to save the current desktop state to return to later, much like the hibernation feature in many true operating systems, and for multiple users to collaborate using a single environment. YouOS featured built-in sharing of music, documents and other files. The software was in alpha stage, and was referred to as a "web operating system" by WebShaka.[2]

An application programming interface and an IDE (integrated development environment) is currently in development.[3] Over 700 applications have been created using this API.[4]

In 2006, YouOS was listed on the 7th position of PC World's list of "The 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year".[5]

YouOS was shut down on July 30, 2008 because the developers had not actively developed it since November 2006. They also could not find a use for it themselves. They have since moved on to other projects.[6]

The domain [1] was acquired by a german startup company ([2])in Mai 2015.


The following is a selected list of the available YouOS applications:


YouShell is a JavaScript interpreter that functions as a command line (shell).

The following is a list of the available commands:

  • Application management and processes (kill, ps, run)
  • Dealing with the YouFS file system (cd, chmod, cp, ls, mkdir, mv, quota, rm, ...)
  • Dealing with YouOS server data structures (like hashtables) (ds, dt, dtag, duntag)
  • Other commands such as clear, debug, exit, help, props, etc.


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