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YouVersion (also known as or the Bible App) is an online and mobile Bible platform published for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many other operating systems; it also supports a variety of other platforms. YouVersion's Bible App features 1797 Bible versions, in 1247 languages,[1] audio Bibles for popular versions, offline capabilities, as well as over 800 Bible Plans on specific topics, portions of the Bible, the entire Bible, and devotionals.


YouVersion was founded by Bobby Gruenewald and Life.Church in 2008.[2][3][4] It is staffed by more than 20 full-time employees and more than 400 active volunteers.

November 2013 brought around the introduction of the Bible App for Kids, which 13 months later had 5 million installations in 6 languages.[5]

In April 2014, YouVersion released version 5 of the Bible App, which added features for community engagement and scripture discussion. The Bible App has been downloaded more than 200 million times.[6][7][8]

In April 2015, The Bible App became available on the Apple Watch[9] and included functionality for reading the Verse of the Day, viewing trending verses, as well as the ability to jump to your own Verse Images, Bookmarks, and Highlights.[10]

In November 2015, The Bible App became available as an Amazon Alexa skill on the Amazon Echo.[11]

In August 2016, YouVersion announced that the Bible App became the first mobile app in history to offer text content in over 1,000 languages.[12]

By April 2017, YouVersion had been downloaded over 268 million times. The app had 1492 versions of the Bible, in 1074 languages.[13]

In March 2017, YouVersion launched a service using Google Assistant on Google Home devices that enabled users to ask for Bible verses based on moods and emotions.[14]

By November 2018, the YouVersion Bible App now had been installed on over 345 million unique devices all over the world, offering 1,797 Bible versions in 1,247 languages.[15] At the end of 2018, it was revealed that during that year on the app, 27.2 billion chapters of the Bible were read, 950 million Bible plan days had been completed and 409 million Bible verses had been shared.

Bible App Features[edit]

  • Bible reader: Reading the Bible on the mobile device.
  • Reading Plans: Hundreds of plans help users read the Bible regularly by serving up daily selections of Scripture.
  • Personalization: Notes, bookmarks, and highlights help users personalize their interaction with Scripture, much as they might with a print Bible.
  • Synced between platforms: Users can pick up where they left off whether they are reading on their computer, phone, or tablet. Reading plans, bookmarks, notes and more are accessible on all platforms.
  • Social network connections: Sharing favorite verses and reading plan progress on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Notes: Users can journal thoughts privately or choose to share them with others. The community can access all of the contributions for a verse simply by clicking on it and viewing related notes.
  • Offline: Some versions are available for download directly to mobile devices for use in airplane mode or when outside of network coverage.


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