You (Bang Gang album)

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Bang Gang-You.jpg
Studio album by Bang Gang
Released 1998
Genre Trip hop, electronic, downtempo
Label Sproti Records
East West
Producer Barði Jóhannson
Bang Gang chronology
Something Wrong

You is the first album released by the pop/electro band Bang Gang. It was written by Barði Jóhannson and released in 1998.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Barði Jóhannson

  1. "Sacred Things"
  2. "Hazing Out"
  3. "So Alone"
  4. "Liar"
  5. "Sleep"
  6. "Falling Apart"
  7. "Save Me"
  8. "Never Ever"
  9. "Another You"
  10. "Hard Life, Simple Song"
  11. "In Heaven"