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You is another way to write Yoo (also spelled Yu or Ryu) which is the English transliteration of several Korean surnames written as 유 or 류 in Hangul.

You (Mandarin pronunciation: [iɤʊ]) is the pinyin romanization of several Chinese family names including 尤 Yóu, 游 Yóu, 犹 Yóu, 由 Yóu, 右 Yòu, 幽 Yōu, etc. Among these names, 尤 Yóu and 游 Yóu are relatively common. 尤 Yóu is the 19th surname in Hundred Family Surnames.

In Wade–Giles romanization system, You is spelled as Yu.

Notable people named You[edit]

Yóu 尤[edit]

Yóu 游[edit]

Yóu 由[edit]


  • Lum You, Chinese-American murderer


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