You Are Happy

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You Are Happy
You Are Happy.jpg
AuthorMargaret Atwood
Published1974 (Oxford University Press)
Media typePrint (hardback)

You Are Happy is a 1974 collection of poems by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood.


The book contains the following poems:

You Are Happy[edit]

  • Newsreel: man and firing squad
  • Useless
  • Memory
  • Chaos poem
  • Gothic letter on a hot night
  • November
  • Repent
  • Digging
  • How
  • Spring poem
  • Tricks with mirrors
  • You are happy

Songs of the transformed[edit]

  • Pig song
  • Bull song
  • Rat song
  • Crow song
  • Song of the worms
  • Owl song
  • Siren song
  • Song of the fox
  • Song of the hen's head
  • Corpse song

Circe/Mud Poems[edit]

  • First prayer
  • Is/not
  • four evasions

There is only one of everything[edit]

  • Eating fire
  • Four auguries
  • Head against white
  • There is only one of everything
  • Late August
  • Book of ancestors


A poetry review in The New York Times called "Songs of the transformed" "a splendid series of animal poems ... [able] to capture the natural world and yet to manage to make a larger statement.",[1] and Manijeh Mannani of Athabasca University found that it "continue[s] the same thread of feminist concerns [of her previous poetry] with only the concluding poems of the collection reflecting the optimistic connotation inherent in the title."[2]

You Are Happy has also been discussed by Poetry.[3]

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