You Are My Sunshine (Miracles)

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"You Are My Sunshine"
Miracles episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 7
Directed by Paul Shapiro
Written by Christian Taylor
Production code 109
Original air date November 14, 2003
Guest appearance(s)

Anna Gunn as Rebecca Webb
Billy Maddox as Creepy Man
Bonita Friedericy as Leslie Brown
Stacy Solodkin as Mrs. Spencers
Randy Becker as Doctor

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Hand of God"
Next →
"The Battle at Shadow Ridge"

"You Are My Sunshine" is the seventh episode of the television series Miracles. It was scheduled to air April 7, 2003, but the series was cancelled by ABC four days prior. It never aired in the U.S., first airing in Canada on November 14, 2003 on VisionTV.

The song of the same name is heard several times throughout the episode.


After Rebecca Webb, a newspaper columnist, falls down a flight of stairs in her home in Saugerties, New York, her ex-boyfriend Paul Callan, still listed as her emergency contact after five years, is called to the hospital where she is being treated. Paul decides to stay with her for a few days, where they quickly rekindle their old romance. However, the negative energy in Rebecca's house draws out the darkest side of Paul, amplifying his jealousy, his anger, and his violent side. After finding old tools in the house belonging to the previous owner, Paul begins to suspect Rebecca of infidelity with various men around the town, including the iceman who owned the tools. He boards up the windows and hides her keys in an attempt to keep her from leaving the house. After Paul speaks rudely to Evelyn on the phone, she and Keel drive up to New York to help save Paul from the darkness that is taking hold of him. While Paul and Keel, both guilty of keeping secrets from one another, fight their differences out, Evelyn and Rebecca, locked in the basement, discover a room that has been sealed by a layer of bricks, where they discover two bodies in the room. The previous owner of the house, Mrs. Spencers, burned her boyfriend and the woman he was cheating on her with a pot of boiling water, telling them "See what you did?" The energy in the house soon takes over Rebecca, and after seeing Evelyn treating Paul's wounds from his fight with Keel, attempts to burn them with boiling oil. Keel knocks her back, sending the boiling oil onto the lit stove, engulfing the house in flames. The house burns to the ground, and the dark energy escapes Paul and Rebecca. Before, Rebecca leaves to stay with her sister, she tells Paul he is lucky to have friends like Alva and Evelyn, who were so concerned about him that they drove up from Boston and were willing to put themselves in harm's way to help him. Because of this remark, Paul and Alva make amends and Paul decides to stay with Sodalitas Quaerito.




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