You Came Up

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"You Came Up"
You came Up Cover.jpg
Single by Big Punisher featuring Noreaga
from the album Capital Punishment
Released August 22, 1998
Genre East Coast hip hop, Latin hip hop
Length 3:54
Label Loud
Writer(s) Big Punisher, Fat Joe, V. Padilla
Producer(s) Rockwilder
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"Still Not a Player"
"You Came Up"
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"You Came Up"

"You Came Up" is a song by American rapper Big Punisher, released as the third single from his debut album Capital Punishment. The song was produced by Rockwilder and features a verse from fellow New York City-based rapper, Noreaga. The song peaked at numbers 49 and 43 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks and Hot Rap Tracks, respectively. It samples "Don't Ask Me", as performed by Ramon Morris.

Music video[edit]

Directed by Darren Grant, the video follows a James Bond theme complete with silhouettes of ladies posing and the gun barrel sequence. The video starts with the caption: Somewhere in the Tropics, with Big Pun sitting near a pool with gorgeous women surrounding him when he gets a call from his watch. The camera then moves up to show the New York Skyline; revealing that Pun is actually in New York. It cuts to him meeting his assistant where Pun goes by the alias Secret Agent 747 and that his mission is to "get the disk".

It cuts to a mansion where a late night party is being held and Pun arrives at the mansion and attracts a woman wearing a red dress and black featherboa who tells him something as he goes off with his business. He breaks into a room upstairs from the party where he finds a desktop computer and searches through the drawers to find a disk that he broadcasts to people downstairs through a television screen. It reveals that the businessman hosting the party was having sex with a male dancer. Pun escapes with the disk through the window as the exposed duo go after him, as he jumps off the roof of the mansion and lands safely.

As he fights off the exposed businessman's bodyguards, Noreaga arrives by car to get Pun away from the exposed duo who go after them in a van. Pun and Noreaga throw them off guard with explosives as their driving and have seem to lost them. The exposed duo later find their car parked near an abandoned warehouse where Pun and Noreaga are. They appear to be shocked when they hear broken glass and the exposed duo find Pun standing in front of them. It turns out to be a decoy with Pun and Noreaga watching from afar as the duo set off a tripwire that releases a butterfly net and traps them.

The video ends with Pun back to where he was with the Daily World newspaper covering his face with the headline: Real Estate Developer Caught in Sex Scandal and leaves with the caption: Mission Complete. Fat Joe makes a cameo in the video. In the very beginning of the video, the video starts off with a brief video of "Caribbean Connection".

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