You Can't Do That on Television, Peter

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"You Can't Do That on Television, Peter"
Family Guy episode
Episode no.Season 10
Episode 18
Directed byBob Bowen
Written byJulius Sharpe
Production code9ACX15
Original air dateApril 1, 2012
Guest appearance(s)

Katharine McPhee as Mother Maggie

Episode chronology
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"Mr. and Mrs. Stewie"
Family Guy (season 10)
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"You Can't Do That on Television, Peter" is the eighteenth episode of the tenth season of the animated comedy series, Family Guy. The episode originally aired on Fox in the United States on April 1, 2012. In the episode, Peter creates and stars in a children's TV show after his favourite show is cancelled. Meanwhile, Meg shadows Dr. Hartman at the Quahog hospital.

This episode was written by Julius Sharpe and directed by Bob Bowen. It guest-stars Katharine McPhee as Mother Maggie.


Peter informs his family that he's writing a coffee table book titled Lesbian Butts in '80s Jeans. Lois insists that he spend time with Stewie while she goes out. While they watch television together, Peter becomes hooked on Jolly Farm Revue and loses track of Stewie. Lois returns and criticizes Peter for his irresponsibility, and he wishes aloud that she were more like Mother Maggie (the Jolly Farm host). Mother Maggie announces that the show has been canceled. Peter creates and stars in his own children's TV show called Petey's Funhouse (by awnsering a craigslist's ad, which was a sex slave trap but got the show anyway), and is granted airtime by a local TV station. Lois is surprised at his initial success, but fears it will not end well.

The content of Peter's show tends to be over the heads of his intended audience, containing off-color humor and adult themes. Lois is upset when Peter's success leads to late nights out on the town. Angry that Lois keeps saying negative things about him and angry that she isn't supporting his show, Peter makes a puppet resembling Lois called "Saggy Naggy", which represents her as an aging shrew who mouths off about everything and nags Peter to do her work. The puppet's reputation on the show impacts Lois's life when she is attacked by children (including Stewie) at a department store called Costmart. When Peter wants sex, Lois turns him away. Lois agrees to stop nagging if Peter will stop using the puppet. Peter refuses. On his next show, he performs a "Who's on First?" routine involving a live puma, which ends with Peter being gravely injured by the wild animal. The camera is then cut and thus playing a song called "Kentucky is a State".

Previous to the mauling, Meg excels in her biology class, so her teacher arranges an internship with Dr. Hartman at the hospital. Meg follows Hartman during his daily duties and enjoys the learning experience, but she is stunned by Dr. Hartman's professional incompetence and ignorance of basic science. Dr. Hartman reveals that he keeps a cheat sheet in each patient's file listing the names of body parts. He is forced to reference the cheat sheet just to tell Meg that she has "a good head on her shoulders". Hartman is called away and leaves her in charge, telling her that she knows as much as he does about medicine. As Meg examines Bruce's embarrassing "thingie" complaint, another doctor walks in and asks her to leave the hospital. She travels to the TV studio where Peter lies dying following the attack. Meg uses her medical knowledge to save her father's life.

At the hospital, Peter admits that Lois was right, and Lois says that she only nags Peter because she loves him. When Meg points out that she helped, Peter ignores her and asks her for a glass of water. When the puma arrives, he delightedly says he now understands the humor of the "Who's on First" routine.


The episode received a 2.5 rating and was watched by a total of 5.05 million people, this made it the most watched show on Animation Domination that night, beating The Cleveland Show, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons and American Dad! with 4.18 million.[1] Kevin McFarland of The A.V. Club gave it a D, saying "Combining the tried-and-false structure of Peter learning a lesson and cleaving to his family with Meg insults is a cocktail of everything I like least about Family Guy. If not for some Brian and Stewie throwaway lines and a few cutaways that inspired laughter in my living room, this would have been a total failure. Instead, it’s just a mostly forgettable episode that will never stand out among all the episodes of Family Guy it echoes, lost in the shadow of even the mediocre entries in the Fox animated family sitcom lineup."[2]


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