You Can't Have It All

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This article is about single by Ash. For 2011 film by Jay Arnold originally named You Can't Have It All later retitled What Happens Next, see What Happens Next.
"You Can't Have It All"
Single by Ash
from the album Twilight of the Innocents
Released 9 April 2007 (Download)
16 April 2007 (Physical release)
Format CD single
Digital download
Ash singles chronology
"Renegade Cavalcade"
"You Can't Have It All"

"You Can't Have It All" is the name of the first single from Ash's 2007 album, Twilight of the Innocents. The single received its first play on 7 March on Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show. It entered the UK Top 40 at #16 on 22 April 2007.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "You Can't Have It All" (Wheeler)
  2. "Saskia" (Wheeler)

7" Poster Bag

  1. "You Can't Have It All" (Wheeler)
  2. "Ghosts" (Wheeler)

7" Gatefold

  1. "You Can't Have It All" (Wheeler)
  2. "Comet Tempel 1" (Wheeler)

iTunes Exclusive EP

  1. "You Can't Have It All"
  2. "You Can't Have It All (Acoustic)"
  3. "You Can't Have It All (Demo)"


The single will be released in the following formats

  • 1 CD version with the B-side of "Saskia", one of the 14 songs which was recorded for the album.
  • 2 7" versions, each with their own exclusive B-side. One a gatefold, one with a fold out poster that slots into the gatefold, both of which are coloured vinyl. One of the 7"s will have the B-side of "Ghosts" a song which was previously intentioned to be a B-side of Ash's previous single "Renegade Cavalcade" but was abandoned, and the other having a track called "Comet Tempel 1", previously called "What Is The Meaning?".
  • Download - The CD and 7" versions of the single will be available to download, along with exclusive live, acoustic and demo versions. The download version is expected to be released on the 9 April 2007.

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by Jeff Thomas,[1] the video however was spread by the band in an incomplete stage, reaching various video channels, including YouTube. The final version was released a week later on 7 March, premiering on Days later it was shown fully complete on Kerrang! TV, MTV2 and other music stations, as well as the band's Veoh profile. The video was shot in Dukes Island Studios in London.


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