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{{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums -->
You Can't See Me Sucks
Name = You Can't See Me |
Type = album |
Artist = [[John Cena]] & [[Marc Predka|Tha Trademarc]] |
Cover = Cenayoucantseeme.jpg |
Released = [[May 10]], [[2005]] {{small|([[United States|U.S.]])}}<br />[[May 30]], [[2005]] {{small|([[U.K.]])}}|
Recorded = 2004 - 05 |
Genre = [[Rap]] |
Length = 65:27 |
Label = [[Columbia Records]]<br />[[WWE Records]]<br />{{small|CK 92498}}|
Producer = Chaos<br />Eligh<br />Freakas<br />Hidden Agenda<br /> Jake One & Kutfather|
Reviews =*[[All Music Guide]] {{rating-5|2.5}} [ link]
*[[]] {{rating-10|7.5}} [ link]
*[[Stylus Magazine]] (D+) [ link]|
| Last album = -
| This album = '' You Can't See Me''<br>(2005)
| Next album = -
| Misc = {{Singles
| Name = [[You Can't See Me]]
| Type = studio
| single 1 = The Time Is Now
| single 2 = Bad Bad Man (featuring [[Bumpy Knuckles]])
| single 3 = Right Now
'''''You Can't See Me''''' is the debut album of [[World Wrestling Entertainment]] wrestler [[John Cena]] and his cousin [[Tha Trademarc]]. Released on [[May 10]], [[2005]], the album debuted at #15 on the [[Billboard magazine|Billboard]] charts and number 3 on the rap charts.<ref name="billboard">{{cite web |url= |title=John Cena - Artist Chart History |accessdate=2007-05-19 |}}</ref> In the [[United Kingdom]], the album peaked at #103 on the [[UK Albums Chart|Top 200 Albums Chart]].<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Chart Log UK - 2005 |accessdate=2007-09-06}}</ref>
It features a guest appearance by [[7L & Esoteric|Esoteric]] on one track, and [[Bumpy Knuckles]] on several. The cover art is based on Cena's customized [[WWE Championship]] belt, while the title comes from his popular catchphrase.
==Track listing==
# The Time is Now
# Don't Fuck With Us
# Flow Easy (feat. [[Freddie Foxxx|Bumpy Knuckles]])
# Right Now
# Make it Loud
# Just Another Day
# Summer Flings
# Keep Frontin' (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)
# We Didn't Want You to Know
# Bad, Bad Man (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)
# Running Game
# Beantown (feat. [[7L & Esoteric|Esoteric]])
# This is How We Roll
# What Now (Feat.Kristin Ezbicki)
# Know The Rep (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)
# Chain Gang is the Click
# If it All Ended Tomorrow
*"Bad, Bad Man" - A spoof of the [[1980s]] culture, focusing on [[the A-Team]] television series; guest starring [[Gary Coleman]] and impersonators of [[Michael Jackson]], [[Madonna (entertainer)|Madonna]], among other popular celebrities. This video is featured on the DVD for WWE's [[WWE Judgment Day#2005|Judgment Day 2005]].
*"Right Now" - This whole video was shot in [[West Newbury, Massachusetts]] and features clips from Cena's [[home movies|family videos]]. This video was released on WWE's [[SummerSlam (2005)|SummerSlam 2005]] DVD and his my life DVD.
[[Image:Cena debut albulm 1 05.jpg|right|thumb|The Advertisement for You Can't See Me from WWE Themeaddict Vol. 6 CD]]
*The first track, "The Time is Now", is currently being used by Cena as his [[Music in professional wrestling|entrance music]].
*"The Time Is Now" contains an intro sample of "Ante Up" by [[M.O.P.]].
*Cena originally stated on that his previous entrance theme song, "Basic Thuganomics", would appear on the album.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Cena talks about his new belt, new album, and his first week as WWE Champion |accessdate=2007-05-17 | |quote=the album also has my original theme music, “Basic Thuganomics,” which was also really popular.}}</ref> However, it did not make it onto the album. It was, however, released on the ''[[WWE Originals]]'' soundtrack album in January 2004.
*"If it All Ended Tomorrow" was used in the ending credits of Cena's movie, ''[[The Marine]]''.
*An additional track, "The Underground", was made available on the Trademarcs MySpace page.
*"Bad, Bad Man" was used in trailers for the fifth season of the [[FX (TV network)|FX]] drama ''[[The Shield]]'' that focused on the [[Jon Kavanaugh]] character.
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