You Can Dance – Po Prostu Tańcz! (season 7)

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You Can Dance - Po Prostu Tańcz!
Series 7
Broadcast from 7 March – 6 June 2012
Judges Augustin Egurolla
Michał Piróg
Kinga Rusin
Presenter(s) Patricia Kazadi
Broadcaster TVN
(also TVN HD and TVN HD+1)
Venue Poland
Brian Poniatowski
Anna Matlewska

The seventh series of You Can Dance - Po prostu Tańcz! premiered on TVN on 7 March 2012. Augustin Egurolla, Michał Piróg and Kinga Rusin returned as judges and Patricia Kazadi presents the show again. The auditions began on 11 December 2011 in Kraków and ended on 12–13 January 2012 in Warsaw.

The winner of the show will receive a three-month scholarship at the International Dance Academy in Los Angeles, the place where many famous artists, including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Britney Spears, train. The winner will also have their personal trainer, who will take care of dancer's abilities and launching career in the United States.[1] In previous years, the main prize was a scholarship at Broadway Dance Center in New York.


The auditions were held in five Polish cities.[2] The first day was an open audition, when the producers chose auditionees, who would perform in front of the judges and live audience. The filmed audition with judges took place on the following day. Footage from these auditions was shown in the first five episodes.[3]

Episode air date Audition city Venue Open audition Filmed audition Tickets
7 March 2012 Kraków Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury 11 December 2011 12 December 2011 9
14 March 2012 Gdańsk Wybrzeże Theatre 15 December 2011 16 December 2011 8
21 March 2012 Lublin Musical Theatre 19 December 2011 20 December 2011 5
28 March 2012 Szczecin Dolls Theatre Pleciuga 9 January 2012 10 January 2012 7
4 April 2012 Warsaw Studio Theatre 12 January 2012 13 January 2012 7
Total number of tickets to Santa Cruz 36

Top 36 dancers[edit]

During the auditions judges picked 36 dancers. These dancers were taking part in a choreography camp in Santa Cruz.

City Dancer Age Style Number of dancers Number of
top 14 dancers
Kraków Sebastian Mazur1 22 Jazz 9 4
Mateusz Sobecko 19 Hip-Hop
Paweł Hołderny 22 Breakdance
Natalia Zduńska 18 Contemporary
Brajan Poniatowski 22 Contemporary
Marek Hylak 22 Krump
Gracja Górniak Contemporary
Magdalena Zwierzyńska 25 Hip-Hop
Artur Golec Hip-Hop
Gdańsk Angelika Paradowska 19 Modern 8 2
Kamil Ignaczuk 17 Contemporary
Kinga Mucha 25 Hip-Hop
Kamil Kaim 20 Hip-Hop/Wacking
Natalia Andersz 20 Modern
Karolina Barańska 20 Contemporary
Bartosz Wilniewicz 19 Jazz
Barbara Węgorzewska2 17 Lyrical Jazz
Lublin Igor Leonik 17 Contemporary 5 2
Mateusz Porwoł 22 Hip-Hop
Martyna Andrzejczak 17 Jazz
Michał Przybyła 18 Jazz
Joanna Sobczak2 21 Contemporary/Hip-Hop
Szczecin Sarah Kukliński 23 Hip-Hop 7 2
Magdalena Jakubowska 26 Contemporary/Jazz
Edyta Wajer 23 Hip-Hop
Joanna Zwierzyńska 26 Zouka/Jazz
Oliwia Berkowska Contemporary
Joanna Tuliszka 20 Balet/Contemporary
Jessica Ali 19 Hip-Hop/Dancehall
Warsaw Radek Peciak "Shin Tao" 26 Hip-Hop 7 4
Anna Matlewska3 16 Contemporary
Karolina Dziemieszkiewicz3 23 Hip-Hop
Artur Świrad3 21 Tap
Stanisław Korotyński 22 Hip-Hop
Wojciech Koper2 Contemporary
Jakub Frydrychewicz2 25 Hip-Hop

^1 This dancer was shown in a pre-season sneak peek.

^2 These dancers were shown only in website extras.

^3 These dancers earned the tickets after the choreography round.

Returning dancers[edit]

This season there were some dancers returning from previous seasons.

Dancer Age Style Previous attempt(s) This season Result
Mateusz Sobecko 19 Hip-Hop Season 5; Audition Top 10 (Withdraw)
Brian Poniatowski 22 Contemporary Season 4; Top 36 Winner
Kinga Mucha 25 Hip-Hop Season 6; Audition Top 8
Magdalena Zwierzyńska 25 Hip-Hop Season 6; Audition Top 4
Karolina Barańska 20 Contemporary Season 5; Top 36 Top 36
Edyta Wajer 23 Hip-Hop Season 6; Top 36 Top 36
Oliwia Berkowska Contemporary Previous seasons; Auditions Top 36
Joanna Tuliszka 20 Ballet/Contemporary Previous seasons; Auditions Top 36
Jakub Frydrychewicz 25 Hip-Hop Seasons 3, 5 and 6; Auditions Top 12
Patryk Rybarski 27 Jazz/Pole Dance Seasons 1 and 6; Workshops Audition Choreography round

Choreography Camp (Casablanca) week[edit]

Judges: Agustin Egurolla, Kinga Rusin, Michał Piróg

Task/style Music Choreographer(s)
Salsa Brian van der Kust
Jazz Alone - Celine Dion Matthew Tseng
Krump Why Stop Now - Busta Rhymes Kwame "Big Wave" Osei
Final Choreography Talk That Talk - Rihanna Tina Landon

Eliminations during Choreography Camp[edit]

  • Dancers were practising choreographies during first three days of the Camp. Then there were no cuts. Judges gave some dancers who didn't handle the choreographies well yellow cards; second yellow equals a red card. Some dancers received red cards immediately, before even getting a yellow card.
  • After rehearsals contestants performed in every style they practiced - then judges cut 12 dancers.
  • After these cuts the remaining contestants faced the Final Choreography round with Tina Landon.
  • Some dancers had to dance for their lives after the Final Choreography round.

Order of eliminations[edit]

  • Red Cards: Edyta Wajer
  • First elimination after 3 days: Artur Świrad, Radek "Shin Tao" Peciak, Natalia Andersz, Paweł Porwoł, Marek Hylak, Angelika Paradowska, Karolina Barańska, Magdalena Jakubowska, Jessica Ali
  • Cuts after dancing for life after the 1st elimination: Natalia Zduńska
  • Cuts after Final Choreography round: Gracja Górniak, Wojciech Koper, Kamil Ignaczuk, Barbara Węgorzewska, Oliwia Berkowska
  • Cuts after dancing for life after the Final Choreography round: Joanna Tuliszka, Paweł Hołderny, Michał Przybyła, Artur Golec

Top 14 finalists[edit]


Finalist Age Home Town Dance Specialty SMS Number Elimination date
Brian Poniatowski 22 Siedlce Contemporary 6 Winner
Igor Leonik 17 Siedlce Contemporary 8 30 May 2012
Re-entered competition (16 May 2012)
Bartosz Wilniewicz 19 Kołacz Contemporary 10 23 May 2012
Stanisław Korotyński 22 Łódź Hip-Hop 2 16 May 2012
Mateusz Sobecko 19 Ruda Śląska Hip-Hop 4 16 May - Withdrew
Jakub "Frycek" Frydrychewicz 25 Warsaw Hip-Hop 12 2 May 2012
Sebastian Mazur 22 Denver, Colorado United States Jazz 14 25 April 2012


Finalist Age Home Town Dance Specialty SMS Number Elimination date
Anna Matlewska 16 Golina Contemporary 1 Runner-Up
Magdalena Zwierzyńska 25 Warsaw Hip-Hop 11 30 May 2012
Joanna Zwierzyńska 26 Warsaw Jazz/Salsa 9 23 May 2012
Kinga Mucha 25 Ostrów Wielkopolski Hip-Hop 13 2 May 2012
Re-entered competition (3 May 2012)

16 May 2012
Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewicz 23 Warsaw Hip-Hop 7 9 May 2012
Martyna Andrzejczak 17 Ruda Śląska Jazz 3 2 May 2012 - Withdrew
Sarah Kukliński 23 Berlin, Germany Germany Hip-Hop 5 25 April 2012

Elimination chart[edit]

Female Male Bottom 3 Couples Eliminated Withdrew Runner-Up Winner
Week: 04/25 05/02 05/09 05/16 05/23 05/30 06/06
Contestant Result
Top 2
Brian Poniatowski Btm 3 WINNER
Anna Matlewska Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 3 Runner Up
Top 4 Magdalena Zwierzyńska Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 3 Elim
Igor Leonik Btm 3 Elim Btm 3
Top 6 Joanna Zwierzyńska Btm 3 Elim
Bartosz Wilniewicz Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 3
Top 8 Kinga Mucha Elim Btm 3 Elim
Stanisław Korotyński Btm 3
Mateusz Sobecko WD
Top 10 Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewkicz Elim
Martyna Andrzejczak WD
Top 12 Jakub "Frycek" Frydrychewicz Elim
Top 14 Sarah Kukliński Elim
Sebastian Mazur

Note 1: Because of injury Martyna Andrzejczak had to leave the competition. She was replaced by the female dancer who was eliminated last week - Kinga Mucha. According to So You Think You Can Dance rules she will be allowed to come back next season.
Note 2: Because of injury Mateusz Sobecko had to leave the competition. He was replaced by the male dancer who was eliminated last week - Igor Leonik. According to So You Think You Can Dance rules he will be allowed to come back next season.

Performance nights[edit]

Week 1: Top 14 (25 April 2012)[edit]

Couple Style Music Choreographer(s) Results
Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewicz
Mateusz Sobecko
Dancehall She Doesn't Mind - Sean Paul Agnieszka Bota Safe
Martyna Andrzejczak
Brian Poniatowski
Jazz Maszynka Do Świerkania - Czesław Śpiewa Katarzyna Kizior Safe
Kinga Mucha
Jakub Frydrychewicz
Hip-Hop L.A. Style Turn Up The Music - Chris Brown ft. Rihanna Tomasz Prządka (season 3) Safe
Sarah Kukliński
Sebastian Mazur
Modern Underground People Help The People - Birdy Ksena Audrey Both Eliminated
Joanna Zwierzyńska
Igor Leonik
Salsa Conga - Gloria Estefan Jhesus Aponte Bottom 3
Anna Matlewska
Bartosz Wiliniewicz
Contemporary Walking on Air - Kerli Karolina Kroczak Bottom 3
Magdalena Zwierzyńska
Stanisław Korotyński
Krump Won't Back Down - Eminem feat. Pink Kwame "Big Wave" Osai Safe
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Sarah Kukliński Hip-Hop Skin - Rihanna Eliminated
Sebastian Mazur Jazz Gang Bang - Madonna Eliminated
Joanna Zwierzyńska Jazz Skinny Love - Birdy Safe
Igor Leonik Contemporary Lego House - Ed Sheeran Safe
Anna Matlewska Contemporary Indestructible (acoustic version) - Robyn Safe
Bartosz Wiliniewicz Contemporary Heartbeat - Nneka Safe
  • Eliminated:
    • Sarah Kukliński
    • Sebastian Mazur

Week 2: Top 12 (2 May 2012)[edit]

Couple Style Music Choreographer(s) Results
Magdalena Zwierzyńska
Stanisław Korotyński
House Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO Justyna Lichacy Bottom 3
Kinga Mucha
Jakub Frydrychewicz
Ragga Dancehall - Natural Dread Killaz Sylwia Kuczyńska Both Eliminated
Martyna Andrzejczak
Brian Poniatowski
Contemporary Parla Piu Piano - Katherina Jenkins Geneviève Dorion-Coupal Safe
Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewicz
Mateusz Sobecko
Hip-Hop HOV Lane - Nicki Minaj Marcin Mrożiński (season 3) Safe
Anna Matlewska
Bartosz Wiliniewicz
Modern Black Dove - Tori Amos Geneviève Dorion-Coupal Bottom 3
Joanna Zwierzyńska
Igor Leonik
Jazz Rumour Has It - Adele Mariusz Olszewski Safe
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Magdalena Zwierzyńska Jazz/Lyrical Hip-Hop Wild Horses - Natasha Bedingfield Safe
Stanisław Korotyński Hip-Hop Marvin & Chardonnay - Big Sean ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash Safe
Kinga Mucha Hip-Hop Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake Eliminated
Jakub Frydrychewicz Hip-Hop Promises - Nero (Skrillex remix) Eliminated
Anna Matlewska Contemporary Cry - Rihanna Safe
Bartosz Wiliniewicz Contemporary Personal Jesus - Marilyn Manson Safe
  • Eliminated:
    • Kinga Mucha
    • Jakub Frydrychewicz

Week 3: Top 10 (9 May 2012)[edit]

Couple Style Music Choreographer(s) Results
Magda Zwierzyńska
Brian Poniatowski
Lyrical Jazz Guardo che luna - Ferruccio Spinetti & Petra Magoni Luciano di Natale Bottom 3
Joanna Zwierzyńska
Mateusz Sobecko
Lyrical Hip Hop Dance for You - Beyoncé Tomasz Prządka (season 3) Safe
Anna Matlewska
Stanisław Korotyński
Contemporary Someone like You - Adele Mariusz Olszewski Safe
Karolina Dziemieszkiewkicz
Igor Leonik
Hip-Hop Hearbeat - Nneka Justyna Lichacy Both Eliminated
Kinga Mucha
Bartosz Wiliniewicz
Modal Underground Need You Tonight - Liv Tyler Thierry Verger Bottom 3
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Magdalena Zwierzyńska Lyrical Hip-Hop Can't Be Friends - Trey Songz Safe
Brian Poniatowski Contemporary Earth Song (Hani's Club Experience) - Michael Jackson Safe
Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewicz Hip-Hop I Can Transform Ya - Chris Brown Eliminated
Igor Leonik Contemporary I Was Here - Beyoncé Eliminated
Kinga Mucha Hip-Hop Black & Yellow - Wiz Khalifa Safe
Bartosz Wilniewicz Contemporary The Unforgiven - Apocalyptica Safe
  • Eliminated:
    • Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewicz
    • Igor Leonik

Week 4: Top 8 (16 May 2012)[edit]

  • Group Dances:
Dancers Style Music Choreographer
Top 8 (Without Igor Leonik) Hip-Hop Where Have You Been - Rihanna Dominic Lawrence
Top 4 Female Dancers Hip-Hop/Jazz 212 - Azealia Banks Marcin Mrożiński
Top 4 Male Dancers Jazz Temptation - Tom Waits Katarzyna Kizior
  • Top 8 Couple dances:
Couple Style Music Choreographer(s) Results
Joanna Zwierzyńska
Brian Poniatowski
Cha-Cha Moves like Jagger - Maroon 5 Janja Lesar & Krzysztof Hulboj Safe
Kinga Mucha
Stanisław Korotyński
Modern Black Gold - Armand Amar & Sarah Nemtanu Mariusz Olszewski Both Eliminated
Magdalena Zwierzyńska
Bartosz Wilniewicz
Hip-Hop Marry The Night - Lady Gaga Dominic Lawrence Bottom 3
Anna Matlewska
Igor Leonik
Contemporary If You Go Away - Emiliana Torrini Karolina Kroczak Bottom 3
  • Bottom 3 Couples solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Kinga Mucha Hip-Hop Dedication To My Ex - Lloyd ft. Andre 3000 Eliminated
Stanisław Korotyński Hip-Hop Betonowe Lasy Mokną - DonGuralEsko Eliminated
Magdalena Zwierzyńska Hip-Hop Beez in The Trap - Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz Safe
Bartosz Wilniewicz Contemporary Everything - Lifehouse Safe
Anna Matlewska Contemporary Holding out for a hero - Ella Mea Bowen Safe
Igor Leonik Contemporary Oh! DarlingThe Beatles Safe
  • Eliminated:
    • Kinga Mucha
    • Stanisław Korotyński

Week 5: Top 6 (23 May 2012)[edit]

Couple Style Music Choreographer(s) Result
Joanna Zwierzyńska
Bartosz Wilniewicz
Jazz Down - Jason Walker Paweł Michno Both Eliminated
Ragga In Jamaica - Elephant Man Joao Assuncao
Anna Matlewska
Brian Poniatowski
Hip-Hop L.A. Style Turn Me On - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj Ilona Bekier (season 5) Safe
Contemporary Skinny Love - Birdy Mariusz Olszewski
Magdalena Zwierzyńska
Igor Leonik
Contemporary Girl With One Eye - Florence & The Machine Katarzyna Kizior Safe
Pop Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles Rafał "Roofi" Kamiński (season 1)
  • Top 6's solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Joanna Zwierzyńska Jazz Eliminated
Bartosz Wilniewicz Contemporary Eliminated
Anna Matlewska Contemporary Safe
Brian Poniatowski Contemporary Safe
Magdalena Zwierzyńska Hip-Hop Safe
Igor Leonik Contemporary Safe
  • Eliminated:
    • Joanna Zwierzyńska
    • Bartosz Wilniewicz

Week 6: Top 4 (30 May 2012)[edit]

  • Group Dance: Put Your Graffiti On Me - Kat Graham (Jazz; Choreographer: Matthew Tseng)
  • Couple dances:
Couple Style Music Choreographer(s) Result
Anna Matlewska
Igor Leonik
Hip-Hop We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris Andrew Baterina Leonik Eliminated
Magdalena Zwierzyńska
Brian Poniatowski
Jazz Madly In Love With You - Sean McConnell Matthew Tseng Zwierzyńska Eliminated
Anna Matlewska
Magdalena Zwierzyńska
Pop International Love - Pitbull ft. Chris Brown Andrew Baterina Zwierzyńska Eliminated
Igor Leonik
Brian Poniatowski
Modern Path vol. 2 - Apocalyptica ft. Sandra Nasic Karolina Kroczak Leonik Eliminated
  • Top 4's solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Anna Matlewska Contemporary Dziwny jest ten świat - Czesław Niemen Safe
Brian Poniatowski Contemporary A Song for You- Donny Hathaway Safe
Magdalena Zwierzyńska Hip-Hop Look at Me NowChris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes Eliminated
Igor Leonik Contemporary I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith Eliminated
  • Results:
    • Winner: Brian Poniatowski
    • Runner Up: Anna Matlewska

Week 7: Finale - Top 2 (6 June 2012)[edit]

  • Guest Dancer:
  • Group dances:
Dancers Style Music Choreographer
Top 14 House Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull Jojo Diggs
Top 8 (Without Top 2) Contemporary Iron - Woodkid Katarzyna Kizior
  • Top 2 Couple dances:
Couple Style Music Choreographer(s)
Anna Matlewska
Brian Poniatowski
Hip-Hop Beautiful People - Chris Brown & Benny Benassi Jojo Diggs
Anna Matlewska
Jakub Jóżwiak
Contemporary Blinding - Florence And The Machine Jonathan Huor
Anna Andrzejewska
Brian Poniatowski
Contemporary Jóga - Björk Jonathan Huor
  • Top 2 solos:
Dancer Style Music Result
Anna Matlewska Contemporary Wild Horses - Charlotte Martin Runner-Up
Brian Poniatowski Contemporary Kiss from a Rose - Seal Winner
  • Results:
    • Winner: Brian Poniatowski
    • Runner Up: Anna Matlewska


During the season finale all-stars danced with the finalists as the part of the competition. Every dancer was asked which dancer they want to dance with. And the dreams came true, because the top 2 were privileged to dance with their favourite You Can Dance - Po Prostu Tańcz! dancer.


In his role as executive judge, Agustin Egurolla has overruled several of the majority decisions of the judges panel over the course of the season. The first of these was a decision to give auditioner Sarah Kukliński a ticket to boot camp, despite opposition from both Kinga Rusin and Michał Piróg. Later, in the Top 8 live show he made a unilateral decision to select Anna Matlewska and Igor Leonik as bottom (dance for your lives) dancers for that week, although the other two judges felt they should be safe. He said he felt Matlewska had only had to prove herself in contemporary styles so far in the competition, mitigating the impressiveness of her performance to that date.

First for any So You Think You Can Dance series[edit]

  • From this season every dancer has his/her own SMS number, and it won't be changed during the season.

First for You Can Dance - Po Prostu Tańcz![edit]

  • SMS cost has reduced from last season. Now it is 2.46 PLN per SMS; in previous seasons it was 3.69 PLN per SMS.
  • The winner gets a 3-month scholarship to the International Dance Academy in Los Angeles.


Episode Date Official rating
Share (%) Share 16-49 (%) Source(s)
Auditions 1 7 March 2.59 19.7 21.3 [4]
Auditions 2 14 March 3.00 22.8 26.7 [4]
Auditions 3 21 March 2.62 21.1 21.0 [4]
Auditions 4 28 March N/A N/A N/A
Auditions 5
& Santa Cruz 1
4 April 2.83 20.9 23.1 [5]
Santa Cruz 2 11 April 2.76 21.5 23.0 [5]
Santa Cruz 3 18 April N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 14 25 April N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 12 2 May N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 10 9 May N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 8 16 May N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 6 23 May N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 4 30 May N/A N/A N/A
Live Show Top 2 6 June 2.6 21.1 N/A [6]
Average 2012 2.54 20.6 21.3 [5]


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