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You Don't Speak for Me is an anti-illegal immigration activist group in the United States. Retired Army Colonel Al Rodriguez founded the group in 2006, to represent Hispanic Americans like him who are opposed to legalization for those who have entered the US illegally or overstayed their visas.[1]


The group was created after Rodriguez viewed media coverage of the 2006 United States immigration reform protests. According to Rodriguez, "Their leaders were saying it was a march for immigrant rights and a Latino/Hispanic movement. I thought to myself, 'Hey, those are illegal aliens, not immigrants!' I'm of Hispanic ancestry and those people are acting like they speak for me. Well, you don't speak for me!"[2]

You Don't Speak for Me was launched with help from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.[3] Less than three months after the launch, a vice chair of the group claimed that it had attracted about a thousand members.[4]

In 2007, group leaders participated in a rally for immigration reform outside of the White House.[5]

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