You Like Me Too Much

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"You Like Me Too Much"
You like me too much.PNG
Label of Indian 7-inch single
Song by the Beatles
from the album Help!
PublishedNorthern Songs
Released6 August 1965
Recorded17 February 1965
StudioEMI Studios, London
GenrePop rock[1]
Songwriter(s)George Harrison
Producer(s)George Martin

"You Like Me Too Much" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles. It was written by George Harrison, the group's lead guitarist. It was released in 1965 on the Help! album in the United Kingdom and on Beatles VI in the United States.[2] The song was recorded on 17 February 1965 in Abbey Road studio 2.[2] It was one of the two songs on Help! written by Harrison, with the other being "I Need You." Help! was the first album since the 1963 release of With the Beatles to include songs written by Harrison.

Musical characteristics[edit]

The song is in the key of G Major and in 4/4 time.[2] There is an introduction using piano and electric piano, with Paul McCartney and George Martin playing two different piano parts on separate ends of the same Steinway grand piano. The Steinway appears only in the song's intro and was overdubbed separately, as were McCartney's bass and Harrison's vocal overdubs.

The electric piano is a Hohner Pianet, played by John Lennon. The sound of the instrument's tremolo being switched off after the introduction can be heard.

The quick transition from G chord to a flat-III (B) is unusual, especially as its F-natural note is melodically sustained against the following D-Major chord (with its concomitant F) creating "the most bluesy moment of the entire song."[2] The verse opens with three repetitions of a simple four note motif ("Though you've gone away this morning, you'll be back again tonight") during which the chords mirror the lyrics in shifting from ii (Am chord) on "gone away" to IV (C chord) on "back again" to the tonic (G chord) on "tonight."[3]uo

Lyrically, the song is about a couple that has separated after a disagreement, but only temporarily because they like each other too much.

Cover versions[edit]

It was covered by the band Glycerine on the album Harrisongs Volume 2 - A Tribute To George Harrison.[4]



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