You Make Me Feel (Bonfire album)

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You Make Me Feel: The Ballads
You Make Me Feel (Bonfire album).jpg
Greatest hits album by Bonfire
Released June 18, 2009
Genre Hard rock
Length 157:55
Label LZ Records
Bonfire chronology
The Räuber
You Make Me Feel

You Make Me Feel: The Ballads is the fifth compilation by the German hard rock band Bonfire. It is a greatest hits collection that was released by LZ Records in 2009, featuring a double CD set of all the best ballad songs by the band. The album also features a new version of "You Make Me Feel" as well as "Domo Arigato" that was on the Japanese version of The Räuber. Although at the time of this release Dominik Huelshorst was the band's drummer, it is the previous drummer, Jurgen Wiehler, that plays on the two songs previously mentioned.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "You Make Me Feel (2008 version)" Hans Ziller, Claus Lessmann 4:34
2. "Give It aTry" Lessmann, Ziller, Horst Maier-Thorn, Joerg Deisinger 4:32
3. "Who's Foolin' Who" Marc Ribler, Angel Schleifer, Lessmann, Ziller 3:49
4. "I'd Love You to Want Me" Roland Kent Lavoie 4:43
5. "Let Me Be Your Water" Lessmann, Ziller 5:20
6. "Friends" Lessmann, Ziller 5:42
7. "I Don't Want You" Lessmann, Ziller 4:45
8. "Blink of an Eye" Lessmann, Ziller 6:09
9. "Feels Like Comin' Home" Lessmann, Ziller 4:35
10. "Why Is It Never Enough" Ziller, Lessmann 4:11
11. "Right Now" Lessmann, Ziller 4:25
12. "Southern Winds" Lessmann, Ziller 4:51
13. "Rivers of Glory" Schleifer, Lessmann 4:54
14. "Love Don't Lie" Lessmann, Ziller 5:40
15. "You Are All" Lessmann, Ziller 4:30
16. "You Make Me Feel" Lessmann, Ziller 4:44

CD 2[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The First Cut Is the Deepest" Cat Stevens 4:24
2. "If It Wasn't for You" Lessmann, Ziller 5:05
3. "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy" Lessmann, Ziller 5:49
4. "Feels Like Comin' Home (Piano Version)" Lessmann, Ziller 3:13
5. "I Need You" Lessmann, Ziller 4:38
6. "Proud of My Country (Acoustic Version)" Lessmann, Ziller 4:52
7. "Before We Say Goodbye" Lessmann, Ziller 4:03
8. "Goodnight Amanda (Extended Version)" Lessmann, Ziller 4:41
9. "Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood" Lessmann, Ziller 5:54
10. "Love Don't Lie (Acoustic Mix)" Lessmann, Ziller 5:17
11. "Charlie & Louise" Stefan Will, Michael Kunze 4:56
12. "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy (Spanish Version)" Lessmann, Ziller 5:44
13. "Komm Her" Lessmann, Ziller 4:27
14. "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy (German Version)" Lessmann, Ziller 5:04
15. "Verdammt Was Will Ich" Lessmann, Ziller 4:49
16. "Domo Arigato" Lessmann, Ziller 4:54

Band members[edit]

(At the time of this release)