You Must Remember This

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For the House episode, see You Must Remember This (House).
You Must Remember This
First edition
Author Joyce Carol Oates
Country United States
Language English
Published 1987 (Dutton)
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
ISBN 0-525-24545-6
OCLC 14718963
813/.54 19
LC Class PS3565.A8 Y6 1987

You Must Remember This is a 1987 novel by Joyce Carol Oates. It tells the story of Enid Maria, a girl who falls in love with her uncle, a professional boxer. It also is about her family, the Stevicks, and their thriving life in Port Oriskany, a fictional industrial city in upstate New York.[1]

Ties to other media[edit]

  • The book's title comes from the song "As Time Goes By" (1931), whose first lines are, "You must remember this/ a kiss is still a kiss"; the tune was made famous when used as the theme song for Casablanca (1942).
  • Lyle Stevik was the alias used by an unidentified man who committed suicide by hanging in 2001, in a motel in Amanda Park, Washington. As of 2016, his actual name has not been discovered.[2] The man was seen alive prior to his death, including at the hotel where he died. He had checked in as Lyle Stevik, presumably using the name of a character from Oates' book.[3]


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