You Shoot, I Shoot

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You Shoot, I Shoot
Mai hung pak yan.jpg
Traditional 買兇拍人
Simplified 买凶拍人
Mandarin Mǎi Xiōng Pāi Rén
Cantonese Maai2 Hung1 Paak3 Jan4
Directed by Pang Ho-cheung
Produced by Vincent Kok
Pang Ho-cheung
Written by Vincent Kok
Pang Ho-cheung
Starring Eric Kot
Cheung Tat-ming
Music by Peter Kam
Cinematography O Sing-pui
Edited by Wenders Li
Golden Harvest Entertainment
Linksun International
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release date
16 August 2001 (2001-08-16)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$1,778,868

You Shoot, I Shoot (買兇拍人) is a 2001 Hong Kong black comedy film produced, written and directed by Pang Ho-cheung and starring Eric Kot and Cheung Tat-ming.


Bart (Eric Kot), a professional contract killer, is requested by his clients to film his killings. He hires aspiring film director Lee Tung-chuen (Cheung Tat-ming) for the filming.

Cast and roles[edit]

  • Eric Kot as Bart
  • Cheung Tat-ming as Lee Tung-chuen
  • Chan Fai-hung as Hung
  • Michael Chan as Bill
  • Jim Chim as Double Gun Tai Hung / Kwok Wai-bun
  • Audrey Fang as Ling, Bart's wife
  • Miu Fei-lam as Mrs. Ma
  • Asuka Higuchi as Michiko
  • Vincent Kok as Camera / X-rated VCD shop owner
  • Ken Wong as Ray
  • Nancy Lan as Mrs. Nina Nam
  • Lam Suet as Fatty
  • Tats Lau as James
  • Spencer Lam - Mr. Tse
  • Hyper BB as Mahjong girl at restaurant
  • Frankie Ng as Brother B
  • Angela Tong as Mrs. Tong
  • Matt Chow as Porno director
  • Henry Fong as Foul-mouthed Wah
  • Yu Ming-hin as Bart's first victim
  • Chan Yun-ping as Boutique staff
  • Pang Sau-wai as Girl massaging porno director
  • Eric Chan as Jackie
  • Poon An-ying as Tea lady on porno set
  • Anthony Ng as Bill's thug at restaurant
  • Tin Kai-man as Junkie Derek
  • Wong Man-chung as Traffic policeman
  • Joe Cheng as Mrs. Ma's mahjong friend
  • Henry Yu as Mr. Tai
  • Siu Yam-yam as Mrs. Tai
  • Billy Chung as Bart's MTV victim
  • Andy Tsang as Bart's MTV victim
  • Wilson Yip as Bart's MTV victim
  • Lam Chiu-wing as Bart's MTV victim
  • James Tse as Bart's MTV victim
  • Wenders Li as Bart's MTV victim
  • Roy Szeto as Bart's MTV victim
  • Peter Kam as Bart's MTV victim
  • Wu Ka-lok as Bart's MTV victim
  • Kenneth Bi as Bart's MTV victim
  • Clarence Cheung as Bart's MTV victim
  • Ho Chi-moon as Mr. Cheung
  • Lee To-yue as Brother Chun
  • Berg Ng as Curry Samosa
  • Chiu Wan-kit as Brother B's thug
  • Ricky Fan as Brother B's thug
  • Christy Cheung as Wing
  • So Wai-nam as Horny muscle man at Bill's office
  • Chow Siu-lun as Doggie
  • Siu Hung as Restaurant worker
  • Terence Tsui as Bill's bare body thug
  • Luk Kwong-choi as Old man
  • Roderick Lam as Policeman
  • Lee Shiu-cheung as Policeman
  • Chan Kin-yung as Policeman
  • Wai Ping-chung as Policeman
  • Pang Ho-cheung as Director
  • Tam Kon-chung as Brother B's thug
  • Pierre Trembaly as voice of Alain Delon (uncredited)


Ceremony Category Recipient Outcome
21st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Screenplay Vincent Kok, Pang Ho-cheung Nominated

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