You Taught Me to Love Again

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1939 sheet music cover, Larry Spier Music, New York.

"You Taught Me to Love Again" is a 1939 song written and recorded by Tommy Dorsey and released as a 78 single.

Tommy Dorsey composed the music with Henri Woode while Charles Carpenter wrote the lyrics. The song was published by Larry Spier Music, Inc. The song was released as a Victor 78 single, 26154, by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra in 1939.[1] The song appeared on the 2001 compilation album The Chronological Classics: Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra: 1938-1939 on Classics.

Other recordings[edit]

Gene Krupa and His Orchestra released the song as a 78 single on Brunswick, 8400, in 1939. [2] Sarah Vaughan released the song on Columbia, 38810, in 1949 as a 78.[3][4] The song appears on the album The Divine Sarah Vaughan: The Columbia Years, 1949-1953. Fletcher Henderson also performed the song with Chuck Richards on vocals for an NBC radio broadcast released on the 1994 collection Fletcher Henderson: Live At The Grand Terrace, Chicago, 1938 on Jazz Band.


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