You and the Night and the Music

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"You and the Night and the Music"
Published 1934
Genre Jazz standard
Writer(s) Composer: Arthur Schwartz
Lyricist: Howard Dietz

"You and the Night and the Music" is a popular song composed by Arthur Schwartz with lyrics by Howard Dietz.

The song was debuted in the Broadway show Revenge with Music. The show originally opened on November 28, 1934, ran for 22 performances, after which it closed. It then reopened on December 24, 1934, and ran for an additional 135 performances.[1] Authors Caryl Brahms and Ned Sherrin, in their book Song by Song: 14 Great Lyric Writers, say that “...the musical yielded two enduring hits and a profit although it was an artistic failure.” The song has since become an enduring jazz standard.



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