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Ty - supermodel
You are supermodel.png
Show logo
Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Fyodor Bondarchuk (1-2)
Alexander Tsekalo (3)
Svetlana Bondarchuk (4)
Judges Oxana Fedorova (2)
Tatiana Mikhalkova
Elena Myasnikova
Ellen Verbeek[nl]
Country of origin Russia
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 46
Running time 60 minutes
Original network STS
Original release January 25, 2004 – December 22, 2007
External links
Website www.super-model4.ru

Ty - supermodel (Russian: "Ты - супермодель"; English: "You are a supermodel") was a Russian reality show on the STS TV channel, in which aspiring models vied for a contract with international modeling agency Point Models and a cash prize of 250,000 dollars. The anchor of the show for the first two cycles was Fyodor Bondarchuk. Then Alexander Tsekalo took over for cycle 3. The host of the fourth cycle was Bondarchuk's wife, popular presenter Svetlana Bondarchuk.

The first cycle was held in 2004 and was won by 17-year-old Ksenia Kahnovich who refused the first prize, which was a contract with NEXT model management because she had already received a more lucrative offer by that time.[1] Since the time of her victory, Kahnovich has become a very successful model, having walked in fashion shows for big names such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Dolce and Gabbana in New York, Paris and Milan.[2]

Cycle two was held exactly one year after the first one and saw victory for Svetlana Sergienko, who was asked by Russian president Vladimir Putin to join the parliament as a representative for the growing modeling industry in Russia.

The show was discontinued after four cycles and returned under the name Top Model po-russki on Muz-TV in 2011.


The finalists live in a house together in Moscow, and face different competitions in modeling, sports and entertainment. At the end of each episode there is an elimination round where one girl is sent home until there is only one girl left.

Prominent faces of Russia's entertainment and modeling industry co-star as mentors or guest judges, giving their opinions and helping decide the eliminations at the end of the show. The main photographers as of the end of cycle were Dmitry Zhuravlev and Vladimir Glynin.


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants Destination(s)
1 25 January 2004 Ksenia Kahnovich Yulia Vorobieva Olga Sandrakova, Elena Umnova, Nastya Polunina, Natalia Churayeva, Olga Shekhereva, Veronika Nedorub, Ksenia Pirozhkova, Barbara Serova, Nastya Salozubova & Evgenia Tolstikova, Yulia Oleynik, Sasha Oleynik 14 Russia
St. Petersburg
2 29 January 2005 Svetlana Sergienko Arina Morozova Kristina Andreeva, Alyona Tsepova, Ekaterina Borisova, Dariya Ivanova, Yulia Ivanova, Anna Borodina, Svetlana Kostecko, Tatiana Tanayeva, Nataliya Malyutina, Kseniya Khizhnyak, Anastasiya Titova 13 None
3 15 January 2006 Tatyana Pekurovskaya Vika Maruseva Olga Vyatkina, Polina Lynova, Maya Puzhaeva (quit), Olga Volkova, Vera Kirienko (quit), Olga Kagarlitskaya, Sveta Zavialova, Katya Lomachinskaya, Elvira Teslina, Elena Volkova, Sasha Gurkova, Sasha Kesova, Anna Petukhova 15 Russia
4 6 October 2007 Tatyana Krokhina Alya Kuptsova &
Yulya Kuchina
Marta Georgieva, Anya Belova, Dana Borisenko, Ira Tokareva, Anastasia Bogushevskaya, Yulya Zavyalova, Darya Sverchkova, Lyudmila Krimer, Irina Galushkina, Aleksandra Lobanova 13 Russia
St. Petersburg
& Novosibirsk


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