Youbou, British Columbia

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Village of Youbou
Youbou, British Columbia is located in Vancouver Island
Youbou, British Columbia
Location on Vancouver Island
Coordinates: 48°52′N 124°12′W / 48.867°N 124.200°W / 48.867; -124.200
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
 • Regional District DirectorPat Weaver
 • Total966[1]
Time zonePST
Youbou's welcome sign.jpg

Youbou (/ˈjb/, YOO-boh) is a community located on the north shore of Cowichan Lake, west of Duncan and a 15-minute (13 km) drive west of the community of Lake Cowichan, Canada. The former mill town on Vancouver Island provides a public beach and extensive recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, and hiking.

Youbou is named after two employees of the Empire Lumber Company which operated the first sawmill there. Mr. Yount was the general manager and Mr. Bouton was the president.[2]: 302 

Youbou is one of several towns in the Cowichan Valley with significant South Asian Canadian (primarily Sikh-Canadian) community history for over 130 years, gaining notoriety in the forestry industry at local sawmills from the early 20th century until the 1980s.[3]


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