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Youmanity is a registered charity founded in London in June 2008, designed to celebrate multiculturalism, support social integration and promote human rights. It does this by delivering a number of cultural projects every year, including an annual photography award.[1] Previous awards explored themes such as human trafficking,[2] social identity,[3] freedom of expression,[4] gender discrimination.[5] To date, Youmanity has received the patronage of the Imperial War Museum,[6] Amnesty International,[7] the British Council, the European Commission, the International Organisation for Migration.[8]


The Youmanity Award is an annual photography competition centered around the concept of Cultural Diversity. It features a changing theme, a gold medal and £1,000 prize.[9] In 2019 the theme was Friend-Ship[10] and Debdatta Chakraborty was the winner for his shot on Sheroes Hangout café.[11] and in 2020 it was ‘Friend-Ship (2) During Challenging Times’ and the prize money was reduced to £500.[12] Due to the coronavirus, in 2020 the competition was conducted on Zoom and screenshots rather than photos were used.

The competition was first held in 2010.[13]

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