Young, Gay and Proud

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Young, Gay and Proud
Young, Gay and Proud.jpg
AuthorSasha Alyson, Lynne Yamaguchi Fletcher
PublisherAlyson Publications
Publication date
Media typePrint

Young, Gay and Proud was a book written for adolescents who are exploring a gay identity.[1][2]. An earlier publication with the same title was published in 1977 by the Gay Teachers and Students Group (GTSG) in Melbourne, Victoria.

It was edited by Sasha Alyson and Lynne Yamaguchi Fletcher. The book has been banned by different public libraries.[3][4] This book is based on a person called Jack Woodhouse.

In 1987, the Conservative government in the UK (under the rule of Margaret Thatcher) issued warning posters claiming that the Labour Party was issuing this book to be read in schools, as well as Police: Out of School, The Playbook for Kids About Sex (authored by Joani Blank),[5][6] and The Milkman's on his Way (authored by David Rees).[7]


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