Young, Gifted & Badd: The Remixes

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Young, Gifted, & Badd: The Remixes
Remix album by Color Me Badd
Released November 24, 1992
Genre R&B, new jack swing
Length 44:06
Label Giant/Reprise
Producer Color Me Badd, Nick Mundy, Royal Bayyan, Dr. Freeze, Michael Fossenkemper and others.
Color Me Badd chronology
Young, Gifted, & Badd: The Remixes
Time and Chance
(1993)Time and Chance1993
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars [1]

Young, Gifted, & Badd: The Remixes is a remix album by American R&B group Color Me Badd. It also featured another hit single "Forever Love" (U.S.#15), featured on the Mo' Money soundtrack.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Color Me Badd [Mark Murray Remix]" (Straite, Elliot) - 5:03
  2. "I Wanna Sex You Up [Howie Tee Remix]" (Wright, Betty/Straite, Elliot/Clarke, Willie) - 4:23
  3. "Forever Love" (Color Me Badd/Lewis, Terry/Harris, James Producer) - 5:12
  4. "Slow Motion [Howie Tee Remix]" (Color Me Badd/Thompson, Howard) - 4:35
  5. "Thinkin' Back [D.C. Go Mix]" (Color Me Badd/Taylor, Troy/Lee, Hamza) - 5:28
  6. "Your da One I Onena Love [T-Bone & Mr. Woody Remix]" (Color Me Badd/Thompson, Howard) - 4:09
  7. "I Adore Mi Amor [Prelude]" - :57
  8. "I Adore Mi Amor [Hamza's Mix]" (Color Me Badd/Lee, Hamza) - 5:17
  9. "Roll the Dice [Nick Mundy Remix]" (Mundy, Nick/Gomez, Gina) - 5:08
  10. "All 4 Love [Howie Tee Remix]" (Color Me Badd/Cropper, Steve/Hayes, Isaac/Thompson, Howard) - 4:19
  11. "C.M.B. [Postlude]" (Color Me Badd/Murray, Mark) - :55


  • Forever Love - September 24, 1992 [2]


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