Young Black Brotha (album)

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This article is about the Mac Dre album. For other uses, see Young Black Brotha.
Young Black Brotha
Mac dre ybb 1993.jpg
Studio album by Mac Dre
Released November 29, 1993
Recorded 1988-1993, Fresno County Jail and various studios
Genre West Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, G-Funk
Length 74:24
Label Strictly Business Records
Producer Khayree
Mac Dre chronology
Young Black Brotha
Stupid Doo Doo Dumb

Young Black Brotha is the 1993 debut LP by Mac Dre, not to be confused with an earlier Mac Dre release, Young Black Brotha (EP). The album contains several new recordings as well as most of the recordings of What's Really Going On? and a couple of tracks from Back N' Da Hood including an extended version of "My Chevy" featuring Mac Mall. Some of Mac Dre's vocals were recorded over the phone from prison, after being incarcerated for a string of bank robberies in 1992.[1] Young Black Brotha peaked at #93 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, making it Mac Dre's commercially most successful work.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Romp Side
No. Title Originally appeared on... Length
1. "2 Hard 4 the Fuckin' Radio" (Printed on the back cover as "2 Hard 4 the F--ckin' Radio") Young Black Brotha EP (1989) 4:56
2. "All Damn Day"   What's Really Going On? EP (1992) 3:50
3. "2 the Double R" (featuring Coolio da Unda Dogg) New recording 2:33
4. "On My Toes"   What's Really Going On? 3:58
5. "Get Some Get Right"   New recording 3:02
6. "Young Playah"   What's Really Going On? 5:03
7. "California Livin'" (featuring Coolio da Unda Dogg) California Livin' EP (1991) 4:36
8. "This is The Mac" (featuring Khayree and The Mac) New recording 5:18
9. "I'm n Motion"   Later appeared on 2005 re-release of Back n da Hood EP (1992) 5:44
10. "Nothin' Correctable" (Interlude) New recording 0:12
Total length:
Crest Side
No. Title Originally appeared on... Length
11. "They Don't Understand" (featuring Ray Luv) New recording 4:21
12. "Young Black Brotha"   Young Black Brotha EP 5:14
13. "The Romp Ya'll"   New recording 2:15
14. "My Chevy" (featuring Mac Mall) Back n da Hood 3:21
15. "The M.A.C. and Mac D.R.E." (featuring The Mac) New recording 5:01
16. "Young Mac Dre"   Back n da Hood 4:17
17. "Much Love 4 the Mac"   What's Really Going On? 1:40
18. "Gift 2 Gab"   California Livin' 5:30
19. "A Piece from Khayree"   California Livin' 2:51
20. "U Still Punk Police"   What's Really Going On? 0:24
21. "Out the Water" (Interlude) New recording 0:18
Total length: