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Young Communist League of Estonia (in Estonian: Eestimaa Kommunistlik Noorsooühing, abbreviated EKNÜ) was the youth wing of the Communist Party of Estonia during the interbellum period.[1]

Activities & Organization[edit]

EKNÜ was working in a clandestine manner. It published Noor Proletaarlane (1921) and Noor Tööline (1922-1923).[2] There are other publications from the EKNÜ that were written by Kalju Tiro.[3] EKNÜ was a section of the Communist Youth International.[1] After the incorporation of Estonia into the Soviet Union on 6 August 1940,[4] EKNÜ merged into the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (VLKSM).[5] The Estonian branch of VLKSM had the name 'Leninist Young Communist League of Estonia' (Eestimaa Leninlik Kommunistlik Noorsooühing, ELKNÜ).[5]


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