Young Communist League of Greece

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Young Communist League of Greece
Founded November 1922
Dissolved 1925
Merged into EPON
Ideology Communism
Mother party KKE
International affiliation Young Communist International

Young Communist League of Greece (Greek: Oμοσπονδία Kομμουνιστικών Nεολαιών Eλλάδας; OKNE) was the youth wing of the Communist Party of Greece. OKNE was founded on November 28, 1922. The journal I Neolaia (Η ΝΕΟΛΑΙΑ) became the official organ of OKNE.[1] OKNE was a section of the Communist Youth International.[2] Nikolaos Zachariadis became the leader of OKNE in 1924.[3] In 1925, OKNE was banned by the Greek authorities, along with the Communist Party itself and all its affiliated organizations.[1]

In 1943 OKNE was replaced by another youth organization, the United Panhellenic Organization of Youth (EPON).[1]

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