Young Conservatives (Czech Republic)

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Young Conservatives
Czech Republic

Mladí konzervativci
Abbreviation MK CZ
Chairman Jiří Fremr
International Secretary Lukáš Vítek
Founded 8 December 1991
Headquarters Zborovská 42, Prague 5, Prague
Membership 700
Ideology Conservatism
Economic liberalism
Liberal conservatism
Political position Right-wing
National affiliation Civic Democratic Party (Czech Republic)
International affiliation European Young Conservatives (EYC)
European Democrat Students (EDS)
International Young Democrat Union (IYDU)
Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC)

The Young Conservatives (Czech Republic) (Czech: Mladí konzervativci) is a political youth organisation in the Czech Republic. It is the youth wing of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), a centre-right political party, and shares that party's conservative and economically liberal ideology.

Young people within the age from 15 to 35 apply for a membership in the MK.[1] Several significant politicians from the ODS party started as members of Young Conservatives, including Jan Zahradil, Jiří Pospíšil, Petr Sokol, Martin Baxa, Petr Gandalovič, Ivan Langer, Martin Novotný, and Pavel Drobil.[2] Former Chairman of Young Conservatives Petr Mach went on to found a new right-wing political party, the Party of Free Citizens. Current Chairman of Young Conservatives is Jiří Fremr, who is in the office since 2008.


The founding congress was held on 8 December 1991 as a result of previous preparations through Charter of Young Conservatives by a group of students at the University of Technology in Brno and Law Students' Association "Všehrd" from Faculty of Law at the Charles University. First Chairman of the Young Conservatives we elected David Částek.


Original ideological course of the Young Conservatives was given by the Charter of Young Conservatives following basic conservative principles: Democracy, Nationhood, Rule of Law, Liberty, Free Market, Tradition, Private Ownership, Family and Morality. Through its history Young Conservatives were closely cooperating with the Civic Democratic Party (ODS). Organization defines its approach towards the European Union as Eurorealistic or Euroskeptic.


The Young Conservatives organize wide range of events from meetings with local or national politicians to elections campaigns and international events. The most significant events since 1991 are listed below:

Campaign in the Republic of Ireland for an Irish 'no' vote in the 2002 referendum on the Treaty of Nice.


Below are listed as follows Chairmen of the Young Conservatives.

Name Years
1st David Částek 1991 – 1993
2nd Michal Špaňár 1993 – 1997
3rd Petr Mach 1997
4th David Rýc 1997 – 2001
5th Petr Sokol 2001 – 2007
6th Jiří Klindera 2007 – 2008
7th Jiří Fremr 2008 –

International Affiliation[edit]

European Young Conservatives[edit]

European Democrat Students[edit]

International Young Democrat Union[edit]

Democrat Youth Community of Europe[edit]


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