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Young England: A Illustrated Magazine for Boys Throughout the English-Speaking World was a British story paper aimed at a similar audience to the Boy's Own Paper, It was published from 1880 until 1937.

Publishing history[edit]

The paper was published by the London Sunday School Union and was a continuation of an earlier paper Kind Words for Boys and Girls. The first issue went on sale on 3 January 1880. The paper began as a weekly but became a monthly and finally an annual publication.


The paper featured adventure, school and historical stories; articles on many topics such as science, natural history, sports, hobbies and crafts; as well as verse, competitions and puzzles.

Notable contributors[edit]

Among its contributors were Fenton Ash, Harold Avery, R. M. Ballantyne, T. C. Bridges, Frank T. Bullen, W. E. Cule, C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne, Henty Frith, Ross Harvey, G. A. Henty, Ascott R. Hope, W. H. G. Kingston, David Ker, J. P. Lamb, Robert Leighton, Percy Longhurst, George Manville Fenn, Rosa Mulholland, F. St. Mars, Dr William Gordon Stables, Percy F. Westerman, Fred Whishaw and others.

List of editors[edit]

  • Benjamin Clarke (1880 - 1889)
  • Thomas Archer (1889 - 1894)
  • Horace George Groser (c. 1920s)

Other papers of similar title[edit]

The annual Young Australia : An Illustrated Magazine for Boys Throughout the English-speaking World comprised the twelve monthly issues of Young England bound and issued with a new title for colonial sale.


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