Young Finns

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Young Finns
Founded 1994
Dissolved 1999
Newspaper LIVE!
Ideology liberalism

Young Finns (Finnish: Nuorsuomalaiset) was a liberal political party in Finland founded in 1994 and abolished in 1999. In the 1995 parliamentary elections, the party gained two seats, held by Risto Penttilä and Jukka Tarkka. In the 1999 election Young Finns failed to get any seats and it was discontinued. Until 1997, the party was known as Young Finnish Party.

Before the 1999 election, Young Finns considered merging with the Liberal People's Party and drafts were signed but after the failure this was not continued.


Year MPs Votes
1995 2 78,066 2.81%
1999 0 28,084 1.05%
Year Councillors Votes
1996 29 31,429 1.32%
European parliament
Year MEPs Votes
1996 0 68,134 3.03%

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