Young Independents

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Young Independents
Ungir sjálfstæðismenn
PresidentIngvar Smári Birgisson
Founded27 June 1930[1]
Headquarters1 Haaleitisbraut
105 Reykjavík
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Classical liberalism
Mother partyIndependence Party
International affiliationInternational Young Democrat Union
European affiliationDemocrat Youth Community of Europe
European Young Conservatives
Nordic affiliationNordic Young Conservative Union

Young Independents (Icelandic: Ungir sjálfstæðismenn), abbreviated to SUS, is the youth wing of the Independence Party of Iceland.

Young Independents was founded at Þingvellir on 27 June 1930:[1] the year after the Independence Party itself. Its current chairman is Ingvar Smári Birgisson, who was elected on 10 September 2017.

It is conservative, like its mother party, but often expresses more classical liberal views.[2] The party can conduct its own policy and campaigns. In 2011, it criticised capital controls,[3] subsidies to the Symphony Orchestra,[4] and the application for EU membership.[5] In February 2011, it ran an advert in Morgunblaðið that urged Independence Party MPs to vote against the government paying foreign liabilities accrued by Icesave.[6] SUS put forward an alternative budget in 2010, and criticised Independence Party MPs for following convention by not voting against the government's budget.[7]

Its largest branch is its Reykjavík branch, Heimdallur.


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